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Q. There is a stud in my tongue and some of my hair is purple, the rest is green; Is my personal appearance just for sales?

A. If you run a tattoo parlor, you're perfect, do not change anything. But if you are thinking of selling financial advice, think again.

Ok, erase all that, let it run once more. Now you wear a dark blue suit, a clean hairstyle and your black shoes are very polished. The job for which you are dressed is a bartender at a popular consumer establishment.

If you imagine these situations just for a moment, it is clear that your appearance may be bad in a particular situation. Here are some guidelines for doing things right.

To be effective as a salesperson, you need to create a sense of trust in your customers. Anything that makes them unsure about dealing with you will cause you to lose sales. With that in mind, dress as your customers, but a degree or two more conservative.

If they are business people, you will come in the best way if you also wear standard work clothes. Precisely, it depends on the age group of your clients and the activity in which you work. As a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor or consultant, you must have the air of trust, so no harm can result if you dress very carefully. . In general, it means a business suit, white or other solid color shirt, a tie and expensive and polished shoes.

For the staff of a department store or service organization, a uniform gives confidence and, therefore, is appropriate, if not elegant and casual.

If your market is plugged in, then the current fashion will be the right one. And if you have not pierced a part of your body yet, now is the time. Just do not let a guy in a suit and tie do the work. (I'm kidding)


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