Looking After Bonded Human Hair Extensions – Tips to Make Them Stay on Longer


You will be really pleased to have sent money on a high quality human hair extension from a good company because of how they can turn their heads around. 39, other people! However, you should know that once you have installed them in your hair, either by binding them or by weaving them, you will have to take good care of them, otherwise your links will exude your hair in large quantities. Fortunately, you can do many things to ensure the longevity of your hair extensions.

– Be very careful when washing your hair. Avoid washing at least 48 hours after installing hair extensions, otherwise they may be dislodged. You should also limit the washing of your hair to twice a week and no more to reduce the possibility that the extensions come out.

– Choose your shampoo and conditioner with great care. There are many products designed to be used with extensions because they will not cause relocation of links. Most ordinary shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that can reduce the glue that holds the extensions in place. Ask your hairdresser what products you have bought to use in your hair to keep them in the best possible conditions. Ask your hairdresser to find out how to apply the conditioner.

– Be very gentle with your hair, especially after washing. Do not brush it vigorously or too often as this could cause your hair to fall. Invest in a high quality brush designed for use with hair extensions. This will help you to style your hair without removing the extensions you have installed at great expense. Whenever you get your hair done, you have bought to remind your hairdresser of the true nature of your hair so you can take special care.

– Tie your hair before sleeping. If you sleep with your hair open, and especially when it is wet, you will end up with very tangled hair that will be very uncomfortable to unravel without losing a lot. It is best that you fix it in a braid before sleeping so you do not have to worry about knots and knots the next morning.

If you buy high quality hair products and use them properly, your hair, with or without hair extensions, will be absolutely beautiful.


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