Looking For an Acne Cure? The Solution Could Just Be at Home


As you probably already know, acne can be a real problem for many teenagers and even for some adults. If the problem is avoided and left untreated, it can lead to much more serious skin irritation and complications. You may have tried different products in your pharmacy or local pharmacy, but have you considered home remedies? Here are some ideas you could try to help with your outings and the best part is that you must have at home.

Toothpaste – I know it sounds crazy, but many people have tried this method and swear it works. Although there have not been any official medical studies on the subject, many people think that it's enough to put some toothpaste on the infected area before bedtime. Who would think that Crest and Colgate could help your acne?

Swim in the Ocean – If you have ever had a cut or scratch and you went swimming in the ocean, you will probably notice that the sore healed much faster. Salt water has something special that seems to speed up the hardening process. Although not everyone has access to the beach, you can prepare a saltwater solution and wash your face twice a day.

Do not neglect the fruit – Another home remedy is the fruit in your refrigerator. While healthy eating can help give a glowing skin, skin and juice can help eliminate pimples. Strawberry leaves, fresh lemon juice, orange zest mixed with water to form a paste and papaya juice have proven effective in some people, who applied them directly to the irritated skin.

Do not forget to water your plants – Aside from the above-mentioned fruit juices and peels, another great home remedy that you can try is with some plants in your home. The leaves of Aloe Vera and Methi have been used very effectively to eliminate acne.

Look Inside – Although all the external methods mentioned above can work for you, a good way to fight acne is to work inside of your body. Drinking nettle tea and taking a vitamin supplement containing B5 and zinc can certainly help strengthen your immune system. By doing so, you can fight the bacteria that cause acne.


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