Maid Fancy Dress – 5 Alternatives to the Classic French Maids Outfit


The classic outfit of French maids is an extremely popular costume worn on Halloween and other theme parties. In fact, he is probably up there with nurse outfits and schoolgirl costumes as the most popular type of adult suit.

Perhaps because of its enormous popularity in the past, many of you are looking for a little more original outfits. the upcoming party. However, there are actually a number of original and original great beauty disguises available on specialized websites, if you are looking to be a little different.

Here are five alternative costumes to the holding of classic French maids, which are (19659002) Victorian maid costume

Although slightly more reserved than the holding of French maids, the holding of Victorian maid can still be noticed. to be a genuine looking period piece that is actually quite striking. These maid costumes can also make beautiful ladies' pilgrim outfits, perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations.

Dairy Outfit

The Milkmaid maid's disguise is another piece of the era. a little more daring than that of the Victorian maid. It's also an ideal outfit for women with a more complete silhouette.

Oktoberfest Barmaid

This is one of my favorite costume types, which is starting to become more and more popular. Based on the dress style of Central Europe, the Oktoberfest barmaid costume is an extremely sexy costume, which will certainly have a few seconds to party. As with the Dairy costume, these Bavarian barmaid outfits are perfect for the beautiful, buxom women among you.

Maiden Medieval

Although perhaps a slightly different meaning of the word, Maid Marion's type of costume is another wonderful piece of the era, which is quite striking and extremely feminine. The medieval girl outfit is a little more formal than the other costumes mentioned here and makes a great outfit for middle aged ladies or those of you who are a little too shy to wear some of the others. types of maid outfit. Naughty outfit of French maids

The last category is that of French outfits that are extremely revealing and only really suitable for the very confident who do not fear to leave a little less money. imagination at the party. Of course, these sexy outfits can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes on ugly chicken nights or in the confines of the bedroom.


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