Make Christmas Eve a Magical Day


Prepare a magical Christmas Eve for your family by preparing the twelve hours of Christmas. This will inspire the family and encourage the feeling of living the true Christmas spirit in your home by spending time together having fun! You can adapt this activity to young and old. This will help you pass the time until Santa Claus arrives!

Submit 12 activities that last less than an hour. These activities can consist of putting together a holiday puzzle, a treasure hunt, a Christmas bingo game (which, if you or one of your kids, you do quite easily), the game of Christmas Charades, enjoy a special snack, etc. ..

You will need a bell to ring, which will tell everyone the time to gather for the next activity. You are ringing at the hour. Designate a meeting room and then present the activity. If you wish, start with a fun breakfast for Christmas Eve. A special lunch can be one of the hours. The activities of the day could end with a visit to St. Petersburg. Nick himself and a family party with grandfather and grandmother guests with cousins, aunts and uncles. (It may take more than an hour, but it might count for a few activities if you wish.)

Plan and prepare all this before Christmas Eve. If you wish, you can entrust each child to one of the activities. Really do something special. With a little time and a lot of thought, you can create a Christmas Eve that will please all your family. Make it a new tradition and do not be surprised if your family wants to keep entertaining next year!


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