Make Up Tips For Being a Center of Attraction in Party Hall


Are you planning to attend a party tonight, then there are some points to keep in mind to turn you into a party attraction center:

Different Shades Makeup is required depending on the time and place of the party. Warmer, deeper colors are essential during the evening under strong artificial lighting. Some colors look good in natural light, but they can be dull under artificial lighting.

If you have a thin face, create an illusion of width by slightly blushing the cheek of the nose and mixing it up to the temples. Blushing and mixing on your face to soften your look by shading is a great makeup trick if you have a square face and also it is useful if your jaw line is very heavy.

The base you use should be clearer because it can accentuate your cheekbones, especially if it's a night out. The upper parts of your cheekbones and your nose corners should get this application in the shade.

Focusing on the eyes and lips, there is also a very light basic shade to accentuate and shine and shading, which gives a beautiful effect to the overall beauty of the face under artificial lighting.

Cream blushes should be totally avoided and powder blushes should only be used if your skin is oily, powder blushes can give the right shade without the unwanted shine that the cream It is found in blushes.

You may have seen many women having this messy face before the end of the party, it's the oil that infiltrates through the blushes. If you are unhappy with this problem, there is a makeup trick for that, apply a little baby powder on your face before applying the foundation and also use a blusher blush, this should give you the Looks much longer.

Choose lipstick based on your complexion, superficial skin tones require medium tones of lipstick and warm beige and light blue eye shadow can go great with this complexion.

Clear natural foundations can be excellent for the pale complexion of the skin. For a perfect look, apply brown eyes and soft blush on the chin, cheeks and forehead. Do not try to match the color of your eyeshadow with other colors that you use as nail polish or as lipstick, this is not more fashionable

You are ready to rock!


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