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There are two key elements to having an effective online marketing strategy. First, a website that suits its intended purpose and, second, the right amount and quality of traffic to this website. In this article, I will focus primarily on achieving the first of these two elements and therefore developing a website that is an effective marketing tool.

When planning a new website, the main factors to consider are:

1. Get your domain name correct – Select the best domain name, this can be the company or brand or something that describes what the site offers for example holidaystochina. Decide if your customer base is likely to be country or international specific – this will affect your choice of url or .com, etc.

2. What do you want from your website – Decide what you hope to accomplish with your new website, what is its function? You are trying to sell directly from your website, use it to generate requests or will there be a place to reference your products to services.

3. Get the right navigation – Decide what information or features your website needs to offer, and then build a website map to include everything that's needed. When considering this, it is important that the navigation on the site is clear and easy, that is to say that visitors to the site can move easily and easily. Most visitors are likely to arrive on your home page. Make it a navigation center with a direct click on key pages and features in addition to the main menu and calls to action. The website should also be quick to download as few people have time to wait while a website form & # 39; – For this purpose, avoid complex intros.

4. Make sure you have a quality website design – Professional website design is vital, so many online businesses will fail because of the poor design quality for the website itself. There are some excellent low cost options to get a quality website that will impress and captivate visitors the second time they come to the site. With so many websites, it is essential to make your site a site that attracts visitors as soon as they come to the site. To this end, in addition to having a professional website, it is also worth considering a presentation or a video feature to enhance the website experience. and help sell your services. This type of bio & # 39; the content can also boost the position of the search engine.

5. Good copy but not too much – Unfortunately visitors must spend a lot of time on your website, so it is important that you can transmit your key message quickly and efficiently. Keep your copy short and to the point, before you start writing, think carefully that the key points are to be done on each page. A strong visual website with a brief but informative copy is likely to be the most effective.

6. Search Engine Optimization – Of course, the best website in the world is useless without traffic! Ideally, what you want is the quality and quantity of traffic, but given the choice, the first is preferred. There are two key factors to driving traffic to your website. First of all, the selection of keywords – the right keyword will be something that enough people will use for there to be traffic to be won and something that few sites use to have a chance to win. Reach page 1. To get the correct keyword density check the websites at the top of page 1 for your keyword and see what keyword density they're using. Second, build links to your website, ideally one way links from directories and article directories, but also exchange links with other relevant websites.

Building an effective online presence can be vital to the success of your business, but it's a complex operation. The best way to succeed is to get professional help for the important steps of developing your online presence. To this end, let the Internet work for you, use the Internet to find the best and most cost effective way to build your own online presence.


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