Makeover – 10 Easy Steps For A Fresh, New Look


Here are 10 makeup tips and 10 application steps for your new look. Let's have fun as we started. Before you start your makeover, put together these 10 items: concealer, foundation, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil or powder, blush, mascara, lip pencil and lipstick.

TIP: Concealer conceals or covers skin imperfections such as dark circles and imperfections. You should choose a slightly lighter shade than the complexion.

APPLICATION: Start with a small amount, adding more than necessary. Starting with the inner corner of the eye, pull outward and upward on the color with a sponge, being careful not to pull or pull on the skin. For imperfections, dab on the stain with uniform pressure.

TIP: The Foundation standardizes skin tones, protects the skin from the environment and provides a smooth base for other makeup products. Match the complexion of the skin as closely as possible using the edge of the jaw line. Be careful not to apply too much; too much can seem abnormal.

APPLICATION: Apply on the forehead, nose, tiles and chin. Then, using a sponge, mix gently until the foundation becomes invisible. Never apply under the line of the jaw. After a few minutes, check if the foundation changes color, if it is, you will have to use a different color or shade.

TIP: The powder helps fix makeup, reduce shine and blend to give a finished look. Select a shade slightly lighter than the foundation.

APPLICATION: Using a puff brush or powder, gently soak in the powder. Give him a tap to get rid of any excess. Then, with a light dusting, apply on the forehead, on the nose, on the knees and on the chin.

TIP: Eye shadows accentuate and define the shape of the eye. The basic eye shadow is accentuated and the eye shadow accentuates the depth, drama and definition. Choose a light to medium color to highlight and a medium to dark color to accent. Always choose a shade in the same color family as blush and lip color.

APPLICATION: Apply basic eye shadow over the entire eyelid, starting at the lash line and going up to the brow bone. Then, apply accentuated eye shadow to the center of the eye starting with the line of the eyelashes and going back up to the brow bone.

TIP: Eye Liner improves the shape of the eyes by making them appear larger, intensifies the natural color of the eyes and stimulates the mascara. Basic selection on the preferred shade and mixing ability.

APPLICATION: Align the upper eyelid 2/3 of the way of the inner eye as close as possible to the eyelashes, and then align the lower eyelid 1/3 of the outer eye as close as possible to the eyelashes. Do not coat all the eye as this may make the eye look smaller.

TIP: Your browsed eyes frame your eyes, create an expression for your face and define and define the shape of the eyebrows. Select a shade of eyebrow pencil that matches or is slightly darker than your natural forehead. The best length for the eyebrows is to start just above the inner corner of the eye and slightly exceed the outer corner.

APPLICATION: Use soft, feathery strokes to fill the color; start at the inside corner and go to the outer corner. Comb or brush the upper part of the eyebrow for a facelift.

TIP: Blush adds color and shines on the face. Choose from the same family of colors as lip color and eye shadow. The intensity (light, medium or dark) must match that of the skin; a common mistake is to go too dark.

APPLICATION: From the center of the cheek; Brush outward and upward towards the hairline just above the ear. Use a back and forth motion to make sure you are mixing it evenly.

TIP: Mascara makes eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. It also makes the eyes appear wider and more open. Select mascara based on benefits and features such as any use, thickening or impermeability. Black works for most skin tones.

APPLICATION: Hold the wand in a vertical position and color the ends of the eyelashes with a back and forth like a wiper. Then turn the wand in a horizontal position and sweep up on the upper lashes. Shake the brush back and forth to completely cover the colored lashes. Allow to dry and reapply. It is best to apply a lot of thin layers rather than a thick layer. Apply only 1 coat on the lower lashes. Do not pump mascara; it makes it dry faster.

TIP: The lip pencil defines the shape of the lip and causes lipstick from bleeding or bleeding. Choose the lip pencil according to the ease of application, duration and color of the family.

APPLICATION: Apply a smooth line from the center of the upper lip to the corner and repeat on the other side. Then draw a smooth line from one corner to the other of the lower lip. You should have at least one lip pencil for each color family of lipstick that you select.

TIP: Lipstick radically changes your look and mood. It colors, defines, shapes and protects the lips and balances the face and brings out the eyes. Select the lipstick according to: hue, coverage and finish. Lipstick can change your whole attitude and expression.

APPLICATION: Apply lipstick to the inside of the lip pencil either directly from the lipstick or with a lip brush.

For prolonged wear, blot the lips with a tissue and apply a light dusting of the powder, then reapply the lipstick.

With practice, you can put your best face forward in just 5 minutes.

Other Tips to Remember:

For a more natural look, use shades of intensity and lower shades, use matte shades instead of highlights, and apply less than more.

For a dramatic look, use deer or darker hues, use shimmery hues and apply more.

To highlight a specific feature, select a shade of lighter or darker intensity.

When you have finished the makeover, take a step back and look at the entire picture. Then you can make adjustments if necessary.

Practice with someone you feel comfortable with, such as a friend or family member.

Most important: Have fun !!


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