Makeup Artists That Shaped the Cosmetics World


Kevyn Aucoin and Trish McEvoy are two personalities in the makeup industry. Both have changed and shaped the world of cosmetics and have left an indelible mark in the minds of every makeup artist and customer.

Kevyn Aucoin lived a relatively short life. He died on May 7, 2002 at the age of 40. Whatever it is, Aucoin has remained the most prominent, the best paid and the most favorite makeup artist in history. This is not because he had worked with hundreds of celebrities and leading models and had turned them into completely different personalities.

He is very much appreciated by many, because at 21, Aucoin has made a big and surprising leap forward. He has created a range of cosmetics that breaks the racial boundaries of a woman's beauty. Before, there were makeup specially designed for white women and there were also for women with darker skin.

But in 1984, Aucoin launched The Nakeds, a revolutionary makeup line specifically designed for all skin tones. Since then, all women of different skin colors use the same line of makeup. This paved the way for the creation of other cosmetics intended to empower women regardless of their race and origins. Admittedly, Aucoin has used his genius to reveal a woman's natural beauty without prejudices and prejudices.

On the other hand, Trish McEvoy has filled a void in the cosmetics industry. In the 1970s, McEvoy acknowledged that there was a plethora of makeup products. However, she also noticed that there was an obvious shortage of makeup tools. At that time, there were a number and types of very limited makeup brushes to apply makeup.

To meet this massive need in the makeup industry, McEvoy designed professional-quality makeup brushes of all shapes and sizes, which were later mass-produced and marketed in the world of cosmetics. Through his careful observation, the application of makeup has become easy and is now a child's game. With these makeup brushes, makeup artists can easily reveal the natural beauty of a woman with every shot.

Whereas makeup is a form of art, each makeup artist must be equipped with different shades and tones of cosmetics as well as a complete set of makeup brushes to be able to transform her canvas, which is here a person. The face and body, in a picturesque masterpiece. So, in every creation, a makeup artist must pay tribute to these two amazing people who have touched the makeup industry.


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