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It is a common knowledge that makeup is an essential tool of any woman that helps her stay beautiful and elegant. However, few of us realize what powerful weapon it can be. Directed by a professional stylist, a make-up session can literally have a visual effect of a plastic surgery. I've been using cosmetics for 12 years but the first introduction to the art of professional makeup has changed my life forever.

The first lessons of a makeup school in Europe made me fall in love with this incredible art that requires nothing more than knowledge and a little creativity. Well, most of us women possess a share of creativity and curiosity, but rarely have the chance to learn valuable tricks from a stylist / cosmetologist. Here are some of the simplest and most effective tips for staying always irresistible:

o All perfect makeup starts with a well-prepared skin. Makeup is not a price. However, even the most expensive professional brands will look bad on skin that is not supported on a regular basis. Love your face and find 15 minutes a day to take care of it: ALWAYS remove makeup daily before going to bed, use eye creams and face creams that suit you and your age personally (this requires some experiences). masks that meet your needs (recommended twice a week) or facials in a salon if you can afford it (talk to your beautician).

o Whenever you remove makeup or apply creams / masks, follow the "massage lines". It will prevent your skin from developing premature wrinkles under the stress of daily rejuvenation (basically, you will not have to stretch your skin in the wrong direction that causes early wrinkles).

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o Course, smiles and more eyebrows! Keeping your eyebrows in shape and trimmed will make a world of difference. When a beautician works at a woman's eyebrows for the first time choosing the right shape and cutting them properly, he often changes a face drastically.

o Once you are ready to put on makeup, the most important thing to know is that the makeup first aims to mask small imperfections, correct them and emphasize the natural benefits of the face. from a woman. A perfect makeup should be almost invisible and very flattering for your personal type of skin and appearance (as well as age). Easy to say! How exactly can we hide the disadvantages and benefits of stress? The most basic rules are very simple: apply darker shades to anything that needs to be hidden or shrunk visually and lighter shades to accentuate or enlarge certain areas. Use only colors that flatter your skin and the age and colors that go hand in hand.

o One of the greatest secrets of perfection is the foundation: for starters, it takes a while to find the one that best suits your skin type and lasts all day. A foundation tinge (and powder) should be as close to your complexion as possible. Once you have found the right one, choose your concealer (correction pen to cover imperfections, spots and dark circles). Always have 1 or 2 shades less than your base for a perfect effect.

o We all know that makeup colors must match our skin type and reflect outfits and styles. However, there is another very important factor here: lighting. The same makeup will be completely different in a daylight and in different types of electric lighting. For this reason, daily makeup is usually very gentle, and evening makeup needs to be adjusted to the lighting of the event / place and is usually brighter. The makeup of the camera is the most intensive.

o How to intensify makeup without looking "over"? It's a difficult question that always makes us aware. One fact can help: there are 2 basic styles (classic and romantic). The classic version suggests that a bright lipstick is used and lighter eye shadow colors, a romantic version suggests darker eyes and clear natural lips. Usually, informed choices for both are not recommended.

o The last one: do not hesitate to visit a professional makeup artist at least once or twice! It will be a worthy investment. In one session, you may learn more about your face, your colors and your options than you have learned for years of using makeup. It's an industry growing and evolving very fast. A specialist can tell you about the latest developments and secrets and even draw a make-up. card that shows in detail which colors are best for you and how to apply eye shadow, blush, foundation, lipstick, pencils, etc. to achieve the best look.


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