Makeup Tips For the New Season


For the new season, beauty guru experts share their tips for a beautiful appearance.

Here are some makeup tips for you:

o Use non-alcoholic and fragrance-free products to minimize drought.

o Use cleansing cream instead of soap.

o Always keep a lipstick, lip gloss and blush with you.

o Eyeliner pencils and eyebrows can define eyes and eyebrows.

o Do not share skincare or make-up products with other people.

o Mascara is a potential source of infection. Discard and replace it every month.

Apply moisturizers to moist skin and rehydrate with mist spray.

o Do not rub too hard with the washcloth, and do not rub too hard with the towel.

o Illuminate. Decide if your favorite lipstick is red, orange, pink or neutral, then choose the next tone. And do not wear brown. Brown lipstick is the number one thing of instant aging.

o Keep the textures creamy. When the skin becomes drier, choose products that moisturize your face. A tinted moisturizer instead of foundation is a great option. This will give you fresh and bright air. For the cheeks, use a cream blush to avoid accentuating wrinkles. On the lips, do not be afraid to try a gloss. The lips may shrink as we get older, and the shine makes them much fuller.

o Choose colors carefully. Opt for vivid and optimistic shades that are minor, such as pastels, nectars or rosé hues. Neutrals on the eyes are good, but avoid browns if your hair is silver. Instead, experts recommend using shades of gray, but warnings against blue-based grays. If you have gray hair, this can make you look like a blue shadow, which is very dated.

Makeup on Portrait Sitting:

Even though it's your first seated portrait, there's no reason for a photo session to give you chills – if you remember some tips.

Sleep a lot at night before to have fresh air.

Do not make drastic changes in your appearance. You feel more comfortable, more natural, if you respect your usual hairstyle and make-up.

Eyes deserve extra attention. Wear a little more eye shadow than normal, but stay with soft, muted colors. Use a darker shade in the crease of the eyelid, and an eyeliner to define the eyes. Make sure to use mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Dark circles under the eyes appear even darker in the picture. Camouflage them by covering them with a slightly lighter shade.

If the controls are full, circle the dips slightly. Relax!


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