Makeup Tips For Women Over 30


Women over 30 have their own makeup challenges, and I'm trying to answer the following questions:

– What colors are right for me (for example, how do women choose the right kind of makeup?

shades that compliment the eyes and the complexion)?

-I am too old to wear fashionable glasses?

-How to apply eye shadow, makeup, foundations, etc.

-What are the key tools?

– Solutions for common mistakes made by women over 30.

– Are there rules that women in their thirties, forties and fifties should be

which follows? "

I've been in the industry for over 14 years, and I get these questions all the time. The main thing to remember is that makeup should be fun – that's what you do! do not look at others for the rules … if it makes you feel good and makes you feel good about yourself, that's what's important.

-What rules do you use for women over 40 years old?

People who say to women over 40 years old "do not wear shimmer !!" This is bogus.Of course women over 40 can wear reflections.Makes just not too much – make sure that the product is finely ground and of very high quality – makes the skin fresh and dewey, which is exactly what the skin needs over 40. It's about choosing a product that suits you – and not adhere to "rules." will look like glitter, and this is not cute … A Radiance Booster is an example the perfect one that gives a golden glow to the skin without having the air of anything.

-What are the olors just for me? Am I too old to wear fashionable glasses?

This is my most asked question. I give the same answer each time: what colors do you like? What colors are you passionate about? This is your starting point. Never wear something because someone says it to you. You must be comfortable. If it's a color that you're passionate about, and that you like, it'll work – I guarantee you. So, put the "rules" on the eye colors and colors that work best for whom. Let's make makeup for you using colors that you like, that you're comfortable with – even if it's blue !!! The key is not to overdo it. If you like blue, use a small amount like an eyeliner, not all the way down the eyes. Or, use it as an accent color. Be subtle, not impetuous (unless it's the look you want !!!)

-How do I apply eyeshadow, blush, foundation etc.?

Remain simple: Always use a base for the eyes. It illuminates the eyes and prolongs the life of your products. Then take a bone or a nude color all over your eyes. Take a darker color such as brown or a shimmering dark color and mix it on the lower half of the eye. The key is to mix makeup, not just place it on the skin. Mixing it (applying a back and forth motion) makes it last longer and looks better. Then apply eyeliner and mascara, and it's a simple and glamorous look that's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

-Blush is simple: use a very small amount on the front of the cheek and mix it.

-Foundation: always use moisturizer first … then, apply a powder base. It will lessen the skin tone, eradicate redness, and feel as if you have nothing. Foundation should be a little lighter than your complexion. The dark foundations will get older, so if in doubt, go a little lighter, and you can always change the tone or color with tan.

-What are the key tools needed to get the best evening look?

Honestly, women raved about Radiance boosters. It's an all-in-one product for the eyes, lips and face. It adds glamor and glow without having the air of anything. You simply drop it on your face with a brush, and you'll take ten years of your face! It's luxurious, glamorous and simple!

-Solutions for the common mistakes of women over 30?

I think women are nervous after 30 years. They lose their sense of adventure and decide to go safe. That's fine, but remember: makeup is supposed to be fun – to highlight who you are !!! I think the biggest mistake is that women over 30 and 40 go into "neutral" mode. Meaning, they only buy neutral colors. Some solutions to this are to buy a shimmering steel gray. This color seems good on everyone! Or a shimmering bronze. Again, you can not go wrong with this color, and this will add some adventure to your makeup wardrobe!


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