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Beauty is one of our main activities in our daily lives. The society in which we live places a lot of importance on our appearance. How we look very determined how the society around us will consider us. We unconsciously draw conclusions about individuals in the first minute, often before everything is said. In this minute, you will have decided if the person is nice, has money, his social status, if you can like him; among many other things. We can not afford to neglect our looks. An important tool to enhance our beauty is makeup. Makeup will improve our strengths and also cover those embarrassing imperfections we do not want to see in public. However, improper makeup can result in embarrassment. So it is wise to learn the right way to put on makeup. The following beauty tips explain the process of applying foundation and concealer.

Beauty tip number one is that when you decide to apply makeup, you must first perform a thorough analysis of your skin to determine if you have oily skin, dry skin or normal skin . The examination of the skin will also determine the skin tone, eye color and other relevant parameters in the choice of cosmetics. A makeup artist in your cosmetics store should be able to help you evaluate your skin so that you can choose products that fit your skin, among the many cosmetic products available. Armed with the right products, you will now be ready to move on to the next step, which is the actual application of makeup.

Beauty tip number two is that before applying makeup, you must first wash your face and hands. This helps to get rid of dirt and bacteria that can accumulate on the skin. You can then apply a thin layer of moisturizer and let it soak in the skin for a moment. The moisturizer will help make your face look smoother. Then rinse with warm water and dry the face with a towel. Make sure your towel is always clean. A dirty towel is likely to spread bacteria on your skin leading to skin problems like pimples, especially if you have oily skin. If you wish, you can apply a primer; This improves the texture of the skin and prolongs the duration of the foundation. They are available in most cosmetic shops.

The next step is to apply the foundation. You must select a foundation that matches your skin color. When mixing foundations, it should melt in the natural color of the skin without leaving visible traces. Most foundations have orange or pink colors. However, a yellow base has proven to be the most suitable for all skin colors. Test the foundation on the jaw line or on the front head to make sure it matches the skin. The foundation should then be applied to the face with the help of a paintbrush with light blows. Fingertips or sponges are also effective, especially when you want focused attention on a particular place.

The foundation should be applied to cover the whole face, from the root of the hair in the neck. If the base is not embedded in the neck skin, you could end up looking as if you were wearing a mask. Open the mouth when applying the foundation to expose the line of the jaw, so that you can mix the foundations well and make it invisible.

The foundation can also be applied when it is wet. In this case, mix a base with water or a moisturizer and apply with a brush. A sponge or puff can also be used with light blows. The foundation will dry into a fine powder itself. Apply the foundation around the eye area, but do not apply on the upper eyelids. Set the foundation with loose reflective powder using a large powder brush immediately after application.

You can probably apply both a base and a concealer. A concealer is also known as a color corrector. It is similar to a foundation, but it is much thicker and is used to cover pimples, dark circles around eyes, stains and other annoying spots on the face. The purpose of the concealer is to make the skin color more even. It serves a purpose similar to the foundation. The point to note is that a concealer has more color or pigmentation and is used to cover prominent areas or particular blemishes, while a foundation can be used to cover a wider area of the skin.

Concealer has different shades. Some have shades that match the color of the skin while others have distinctly contrasting colors designed to camouflage particular imperfections. A light-colored or white concealer can be used to cover dark spots, while a dark-colored concealer can be used on a lighter skin patch. Choosing the right corrector can be a dilemma. Which shade is the best choice? For most women (and men), yellow-based markers, such as yellow-based foundations, are the most appropriate. However, you must decide what you want to use for the proofreader. Because of the difficulty of determining the right shade, you must seek the help of the makeup artist at the cosmetics shop. You must try the concealer to make sure it's right before you buy it.

Concealer is packaged in different forms. They can be liquid, semi-solid, pencils or felts. Whatever choice you make, the concealer should be applied carefully in thin layers, which can then be constructed until the stain is fully understood. When you use both a concealer and a foundation; who should come first? This question is quite difficult. When you apply the foundation first, you will realize that you do not need a lot of concealer. On the other hand, if you first apply your concealer, you may not need a lot of foundation. Moreover, as some correctors contrast sharply with the color of the skin, they must be applied before the foundation. Overall, it's up to you to decide what works best for you.

When applying concealer, apply small amounts on the stain, then using the middle finger pad, press on it or press a rolling motion. Never rub it. Make sure the concealer is well mixed and is not obvious. After that, dust off the fine powder using a soft brush to adjust it.

A concealer and a base are very important elements on your dressing table. They play a very important role in improving beauty. They enhance the appeal and also mask imperfections that would otherwise ruin the flawlessness of your complexion. Remember that beauty is primarily perceived with the eyes. The skin is the first part of your body that anyone looks at. You must see before you pay attention. The foundation and concealer are the foundation of your beauty. Learn to use them.


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