Makeup Tips – Using Makeup While Wearing Glasses


If you wear prescription glasses, one thing is certain: your eyes will be smaller or larger depending on your eye problem. Anyway, you have to neutralize this effect by changing your makeup technique.

Like every other day, you will start with a concealer. If your glasses tend to bring out your eyes, you should try to cover your dark circles as much as possible. Keep your glasses close to you and watch the improvements every few minutes. Do not stop refining your look until you are perfectly satisfied with the result.

Most people do not know that glasses will draw attention to the eyebrows. This means that you have to make them perfect and the only way to achieve this is to adjust the shape and trim them if necessary. You should not exaggerate when it comes to eyebrows in general; as long as they have a clear shape and you can not notice imperfections, you should be ok.

A pale color is recommended for the waterline. This will make your eyes stand out and they will look great, especially if you use an eye shadow of a darker color. You do not have to go to the end of the color spectrum, just make sure the eye shadow is not as bright as the color of your waterline. No matter what you choose, you should focus on the lower lash line.

A problem with wearing glasses and make-up at the same time is that mascara will often dirty the lenses, especially if you have long eyelashes. The only method to avoid this is to curl your eyelashes a bit more than usual and try to use less mascara on the upper lashes. However, you can focus on lower lashes without having to worry about your glasses.

The most important part of the process is to check the results before going out. Put on your glasses and look at the result from different angles and with different lighting. If everything looks good, you have managed to combine the need to use glasses with makeup.

In the end, you must focus on your waterline and use a little more concealer than usual. After getting the right color of eyeshadow, you will begin to notice the difference and you just have to supplement with mascara. You will certainly like the results if you take your time and follow these makeup tips.


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