Making the Common Acne Rare


On a face, a small dot, a button or a zit is very well known to all. Teenagers hate, adults irritate. No doubt that almost everyone is familiar with the problem caused by acne. It is a common skin disease caused by blockages in the follicles. The most common form is common acne, which also means "acne vulgaris".

Some factors that cause this type of acne are:

• Hormonal

• Genetics

• Stress

• Bacteria

• Diet

Acne vulgaris is the type of acne most teenagers undertake caused by the increase in their hormones that causes the glands to produce more sebum which are excess oils that clog the pores and results in it. acne.

There are several forms of acne:

• Blackheads (open comedones), when sebum and dead cells obstruct the pore but the surface remains open and a black color can be observed

• Whiteheads (closed comedo); white bumps that are also caused by sebum and dead skin cells clogging the pore, but blocks the opening of the pore.

• Papules, characterized by a small firm pink bump

• Small pustular, pus and painful round lesions caused by chemical irritation by the sebum components

• Nodules, large painful lesions, containing pus that may leave a scar

This type of skin problem could have been a big problem if it is not supported properly. For example, if pimples, spots, or zits are stings, they can spread or heal. Fortunately, acne vulgaris has varieties of remedies and is easy to treat.

The best way to tackle a problem is to find solutions to the main causes or roots of the problem. Avoiding stress is one way to prevent acne. Good hygiene also causes bacteria causing acne. And studies show that some of the foods we eat can also cause the formation of acne. Some products for skin and cosmetics also results from excess oil that clogs our pores resulting in acne. There are drugs that control hormones. And also a wide selection of treatments for acne is available; There are cleansers, acne treatment lotions, creams, natural / herbal remedies, over-the-counter medications, acupuncture, surgery and so much more.

These acne treatments also depend on the severity of the problem of acne. There is a mild treatment and also for severe cases. The innovations of science and technology directed towards laser treatments for acne, and others. Do not let acne worry, it is treatable and treatments are readily available.


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