Male Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia


It was his turn to look after his son. And it was the morning, the time to soak his skin in the hot water of the shower so that it would be well shaved when it would shave. His son was crying. He could hear it but did not listen. The voice of self-criticism was stronger. He said to make sure that there was not a hair in his place, not a skin shot. He was frantic, a normal morning ritual for him.

His son beat him harder. His diaper was soaked. He missed his pot, so he had to wet his diaper. The crying caused him to lose control of his bladder again, and now he was soaked. He was so angry that he could not walk anymore. He crawled up to the bathroom where dad was. Dad played a game with him to stop crying.

The game was played on the scales. John (fictional character) had to weigh himself. Another "normal" morning ritual. And the evening ritual, quite normal, of course. It never happens to him that there is something wrong with this obsession. It is normal to look at one's best and to be in good health. He must weigh himself twice a day, in case his weight reaches an "unhealthy" level. It has a little less than 10% body fat, which is normal for bodybuilding athletes.

Only John is not an athlete. He works in an office and trains at the gym one hour a day, five days a week. It's too tiring to do more, but it's also considered normal, as it does intestinal workouts, helped by its "healthy" shakes.

The same shakes that his doctor recommended him to stop. The same thing the dietitian recommended by his doctor told him to stop, at least for a moment. In the same way, the allergy consultant claimed that he was contributing to his allergies. The practitioner of alternative medicine says the same thing has shaken his health. Of course, they are all wrong. busy bodies interfering.

He is happy with himself. As his son plays the weighing game with him, the crying ceases. And, it is 100g leaner. So, eating foods without fat is perfect. He is so happy with his new diet. two shakes morning and evening, a skinny sandwich so that his collections can see him eating at lunch time, and a meat so well cooked on a rack, that it overflows with fat. He is delighted. The new regime works.

Smiling happily at his son, his son replies with a smile. Dad notices it.

At this point, his ex-wife rings at the door. She recovers their son after the night visit, changes diapers and feeds him in the car.

John is happy to be away. He can now go to the gym and forget what she's done to him. Like all women, she was a useless and demanding thing that left him. And she was fat too. This stupid doctor refused to send him to the dietitian for his weight. The doctor had the wrong equipment. He could not see how big she was. repugnant.

His mother is still skinny, of real beauty. He had a happy childhood, always learned not to let his feelings show, encouraged to become the strongest, the thinnest and most muscular man in high school. His mother is the best. This counselor saw lying and told him that he had a bad childhood. Another stupid person useless. His parents liked him very much. They sent him to the best schools and bought him the latest toys, gadgets, phones and computers. They were a happy family.

He gets dressed and goes to the gym. He goes home to take a shower. He never showered in the gym. He weighs himself again, and then dresses to go see his parents. Happy times to come.


Source by Suzanne Zacharia

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