Manufactured Home Construction Techniques – Examined


Although the end results are quite similar, the way a traditional house and a prefab house are built is very different. It is these inherent construction differences that are primarily responsible for the savings realized when buying a prefabricated home.

Materials and equipment are on site

On the one hand, all the materials and equipment required for the construction of a prefabricated house are provided on-site at the factory, the versions being be delivered with a conventional house. In addition, manufacturers of prefabricated homes often buy their building materials through the load of wagons, which also represents a substantial saving.

Working From the Ground

The first step in the construction of a prefabricated house is the construction of the main steel frame and wheelbase. After that, the floor will be covered with plywood and screwed. After that, the measurements for the walls are taken and the chalk lines broken.

The walls are in place

The framed walls that are pre-built in another area of ​​the manufacturing plant are then greeted, raised and secured to the ground. The next step will be wiring, piping and plumbing and fixing the roof framing system.

The Custom Features List

The house is then trimmed and the finishing process begins. There will be a list of custom features that each customer has ordered installed in their custom home that is being built and this list will be used when the house is finished.

The final phase is complete

Floors, panels and kitchen and bathroom fixtures will all be installed to the exact specifications of the customer. Then, the last details will be destined to and everything is tested and inspected before the house is subjected to a final inspection and sent to be installed on a ground.


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