Meaning and origin of Christmas gifts


Although Christmas Day is popular around the world, the passage of time and the commercial activities associated with this particular date have diluted the meaning of the day, which was also at the origin of Christmas presents.

Christmas is a feast celebrating the birth of Jesus 2006 years ago in the city of Bethlehem, about 6 miles south of Jerusalem. Although the place where Jesus was born was the subject of discussion, we know that 3 kings from the East traveled to visit the newborn.

If the best chocolates in the world were available at that time, these three sages would give them to Jesus as a gift, but the tradition was about to be written. Instead of chocolate Hershey or Willy Wonka Candy, kings honored Jesus with gold, frankincense and myrrh

Over the centuries, gold, frankincense and myrrh became traditional symbols to commemorate the first Christmas presents to Jesus. The Three Kings of the East also became a symbol of kindness known by different names in different cultures and nations.

Whether you call them Kings of the East, Three Wise Men, Kings of the East, Kings Magos or Magi, some Christmas presents contain some of the finest chocolates in the world with numbers resembling those that are They could have had.

Hershey Chocolate has a special promotion during Christmas, including all kinds of chocolates wrapped in translucent lustrous paper, or other chocolates with seasonal decorations, toys

Ghirardelli Chocolate also offers box ideas Christmas presents, and many children like to collect seasonal packaging from certain brands for sales during the Christmas season.

The story is not clear about the name of the Sages, but during the 8th century it was stated that their official names were Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar. They were formerly Zoroastrian astrologers of ancient Persia who traveled from east to Jerusalem to honor the king of Jews guided by the star of Bethlehem.

It is believed that they brought with them many gifts. Although no Hershey chocolate or Ghirardelli chocolate, but three of these gifts are associated with our modern Christmas gifts.

Why were these three gifts the most significant? Although there are many versions of the origin and meaning of such gifts, the popular theory explains that they were the common gifts that a king should receive.

However, it is also believed that such gifts are associated with the prophecy of the Star. from Bethlehem, which says that gold symbolized royalty on earth, incense was the symbol of divine authority, and myrrh symbolized death.

What the best chocolates in the world today as a Christmas present is a delightful experience of the year.


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