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The Melrose Subdivision in Pickerington, Ohio was launched in 1990 and high-end homes were built there until 1998. The neighborhood is located in SE corner of Refugee Rd and Hill Rd N. Melrose South side of the Pickerington Youth Athletic Association PYAA. Melrose is located with two entrances and close to all shops, banks, restaurants, etc. If you drive through the neighborhood, you will find streets lined with trees and a friendly atmosphere filled with some of the best residents of Pickerington

Builders have built homes in Melrose over a nine-year period. The three main manufacturers were Ryland Homes (also the original developer), M / I Homes and Rockford Homes. There were also a few scattered lots sold to custom builders. These 3 builders are an important part of growing homes around central Ohio. Ryland has since ceased to build in central Ohio, but is still a major home builder while M / I Homes & Rockford Homes continue to do business as builders and developers in the current market of Residential construction in Ohio

407 plots comprising a small section of houses called Glen Inverness. Over the years Melrose has been one of the premier neighborhoods in the city of Pickerington. Every house that was built in Melrose was passed in front of an architectural review board that approved or disapproved the exterior elevation of the property. The goal was to keep all houses of similar design, but at the same time avoid a cookie-cutter look. For example, neither of the properties of the same exact design could be built side by side or across the street from the other. One of the other planned development strategies was to prevent any kind of fencing. This gave Melrose a more open and attractive appearance instead of lines and rows of houses barricaded by tall fences. Many other planned unit developments are in line with the designs set up by Melrose, but Melrose took it a step further and limited the exterior color choices to all natural colors. You will not see a blue baby home with pink trim in Melrose.

Since 1990, Melrose has had time to grow and mature. The trees are bigger and most troubled sales have sold and filled new owners. Winding throughout Melrose are curved streets, some decorative ponds and many tree-lined borders that create a private retreat. If you want a fantastic home in an even more fantastic neighborhood, you must visit Melrose in Pickerington. The homes in Melrose range form $ 175k up to about $ 235K and are located in the center of Pickerington.

The schools assigned to Melrose are as follows. Violet Elementary is the middle school, Tollgate is the middle school, Lakeview Junior High is college and Pickerington North is high school.


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