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Over the past decade, we have witnessed the sudden rise of metrosexuals. Thanks to the shameless commercialism and Hollywood, the need for natural beauty products among the Y chromosome population has reached new heights. Men go crazy for both conventional acne treatment, moisturizers for pore reduction, lotions for skin whitening and various hair products.

Men become very aware of their overall appearance and want to present themselves the best way possible. This phenomenon is not really new according to sociologists since males groom themselves naturally to attract appropriate partners. The current crop, however, is beyond what has been observed previously and has a mass effect that is quite different.

Anything that brings men together in beauty salons today, commercial providers are taking note of new cosmetic products. and skincare and hair care products. Experts say that men will no longer be embarrassed to use the products of their mothers, wives and sisters. New products made especially for men are now widely available.

These products have a stronger formulation and more active ingredients that suit the more active lifestyle. Men are naturally negligent, say the laboratories. As a result, they release products that do not require meticulous application but are as effective as those used by women.

A more noticeable feature in most products is the smell or the lack of it. It was the most deliberate alteration that health and beauty products were doing on their lines. For example, some organic acne treatments have no scent and are preferred by more men. Some skin moisturizers and hair gels are devoid of any trace of perfume.

Some items add a touch of the latest men's fragrances, the popular ones of which are no longer musky or woody. It's quite ironic according to perfumeries as they expect men to stick to more masculine odors now that they have their own health and beauty products. Yet, the result is that the line that divides the products for both sexes becomes blurred and some men prefer something of flora, or a little flavor and fruity in their sporty cologne, aftershave and other products for the hair.

Gentlemen also practice a kind of superposition. Some wear at least two different scents, one of which is rubbed or sprayed on the skin and the other on the clothes. Some prefer to use body moisturizers with a touch of perfume or body sprays, which they overlay with another scent. Some people use women's perfumes as a base or as a cover for a male counterpart.

In terms of function, hair products for most men have remained almost the same as it was decades ago. The coat and tie always use ointments that are basically a robust version of the hair gels of younger, more hippie crowds. The first is just less oily and smells less waxy than what the grandfathers used. The fixing agents are also more washable and manageable to allow them to fix the hair on the last shot.

Naturalists believe that men are more aware of their appearance today. This high awareness does not require a new etiquette for sexuality since men have groomed themselves for thousands of years. Marketing experts, however, argue that the trend sometimes brings names to define an era. Fun, men do not care about these arguments and rarely talk about their natural beauty products.


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