Merry Christmas Cards – History and Trends


Interestingly, the first Christmas card did not include many Christmas or winter pictures; On the contrary, they looked forward to next spring. In contrast, today's maps often feature images of winter, snow, popular Christmas icons or religious symbols and focus on the holidays themselves rather than on what awaits them after.

Christmas cards were introduced to America in 1874 by Louis Prang, a printer from Massachusetts. At first, he printed cards for sale on the lucrative market in England in 1873 and introduced them to the US market the following year. Unfortunately, he was subsequently ousted from the market as cheap imitators seized their share of the profits.

Today, Christmas cards are still a popular way to communicate with friends and family and between business associates. Many companies send Christmas or holiday cards to keep in touch with their customers and regain their business for the next year. A large number of cards still feature religious themes and present traditional motifs, such as the stable, the three sages, the star and the baby Jesus. They also feature more traditional holiday greetings such as "Merry Christmas".

However, secular and non-religious cards are becoming increasingly popular, especially for businesses, as they seek to reach as many customers as possible without offending non-Christians on their mailing list. These cards very often include winter pictures, snowflakes, jokes and other non-traditional symbols of the season. They also avoid traditional holiday greetings for greetings such as "happy holidays", "seasons greetings" or "seasons greetings".

These maps with natural themes have always been popular although there has been a recent move towards more wildlife and natural thematic maps. Many of these cards feature animals in the winter and often the cards promise to donate a portion of their profits to a wildlife sanctuary, sanctuary or other charities for wildlife.

One of the upward trends in Christmas and holiday cards is the rise of cards with a picture of the family on them. Families often take a vacation snapshot and then frame the photo in a holiday or Christmas setting. These cards are ideal for showing distant parents how much the kids have grown over the past year or what the newest pet looks like.

There are different styles of Christmas cards and they all have their roots in traditional festivals. If you want to deepen a little more history, you can do it by consulting the History of the Merry Christmas, which presents a more detailed overview of the story.


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