Mexican Prison Tattoos – The Brutal, Fearsome Truth


The strange thing about Mexican prison tattoos is that you get them before you go to jail. More often than not, an individual gets tattooed as soon as he joins a gang, and before he continues his first one. mission & # 39;

As his criminal career continues, he gets other tattoos to the extent of his status in the gang. These tattoos have a sub-cultural language of their own, with unique inscriptions that are foreign to everyone except insiders … and law enforcement agencies.

Some of the inscriptions on the tattoo will indicate:

1) The emblem of the gang.

2) The identity of the person. It's rarely the birth name of the individual, but rather his street name.

3) The criminal acts that the person committed on behalf of the gang.

4) His "turf", which could refer to where he is usually based or "working", or to the prisons where he has done the time – or a combination of both.

When that person is arrested, tried and imprisoned, his tattoo serves as an "identity card". to signify his status to other inmates belonging to the same gang. This identification will offer him some degree of protection vis-à-vis other prisoners in prison, causing fear of reprisals.

For an imposed person who had no gang membership, a personal decision is often taken to join a gang once inside the prison walls, primarily to protect themselves from the inmates violent.

As part of the secret initiation, a tattoo in prison is marked on the person using the most primitive methods.

How Tattoos Are Made

Mexican prison tattoos, and other gang tattoos, are not the kind of things that one asks in a tattoo parlor without looking strange.

These are entirely underground businesses, executed either in prison or away from public view.

The sterile and hygienic conditions found in tattoo parlors are out of the gross methods used in tattooing procedure in Mexico prison. A needle is dipped in ink and tapped into the skin. Another method is to create tattoos with a rough machine consisting of a small motor, a battery, a hollow pen, a little ink and a from a guitar string.

The main gangs with real significance in Mexican correctional facilities include:

1) The Nuestra Familia

A particularly delightful gang, their compact identification tattoo a posed sombrero on a machete that is covered with blood. The letters NF and NS represent the textual identification of the members.

2) The Mexican Mafia

The Mexican Mafia has a strong representation in the Mexican prison system. Their known identification tattoo shows an eagle holding a snake in his mouth, and usually perched above the EME letters

Other designs have been known to include a black hand holding the MM or EME logo

3) Los Vatos Locos

This is another formidable Mexican gang. Their name translates into English, gets closer to "The Crazy Guys", and their known tattoo mark is a triangle of three tiny dots.


If you see a Mexican gang member wearing a gun tattoo, it is fair to bet that he usually carries one. The position of the weapon on the tattoo indicates the role of the person as a shooter. If it's pointing up, it means the person is a shooter. If it's pointing straight, it means that the person usually wraps a gun.

Prison Symbols

Some tattoo designs indicate the time spent behind bars. This includes:

1) Cell Doors

2) Barbed Wire

3) Cell Windows

4) Guard Tower

5) Courtyard Walls

Conclusion [19659002] ] In conclusion, I want to stress the need for all tattoo artists to think very carefully before looking for a Mexican prison tattoo, or a gang tattoo. Those who know the meaning of tattoos & # 39; the inscriptions and symbols are probably associated with their message, which can lead to an unpredictable or even dangerous turn.


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