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Miami Ink is a reality show on the Learning Channel (LTC), filmed locally in South Beach, Miami. It takes you behind the scenes so you can see and experience the real emotion of getting a tattoo and what they mean for people to get inked. The show exposes tattoos for what they really are – a means of self-expression that has profound meaningful meanings for the people who get them. Based on the diversity of the population, it becomes very obvious that he is popular in every corner of society. While some customers are experienced and already have a number of designs, we also see how people achieve their first body art and the process they adopt when they try to develop an idea in a design.

The true beauty of the show is to listen to the stories that people tell why they make their tattoo and what the particular design means to them. Most stories are really inspiring. The show allows us to watch from the moment the client enters the salon until the finished artwork. We come to experience the experience that the customer is working with an idea to develop a complete design, then watch as they get the artwork and finally show the final product, the art of beautiful body. It's amazing to watch.

For anyone planning to get their first tat, the show is a great way to see how others start with an idea and work with that to slowly develop the end result. You see the evolution of design, the process of reflection and the final product. You also get to see how people choose where on your body to locate body art, a very important decision that you must get. You see first-hand how difficult it is to get a very good design.

Miami Ink, thanks to TLC, even allows people to ask to be auditioned to see the show. They require that you have a good idea of ​​what you want before drawing, and which artist you want to be tattooed, but you could be inked on the show and become a star!

Behind each individual story, there are the artists who ensure the continuity of one show to the other – these are Friend James, Chris Garver, Darren Brass, Chris Nunez and the apprentice Yojiro Harada. Their different characters are a good mix and you can see the artists while they work and also play. They provide entertainment so that people stay tuned the following week, to watch new customers walk in the door with an idea and see the idea turn into a stunning tattoo design which they can be proud.


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