Mobile Home Repair – Ceiling Spots


Ugly, brown spots are a common feature of mobile home ceilings. They develop when the roof leaks or condensation drips from the water
on the ceiling tiles from above.

They persist because the removal is not as simple as painting on the stain. The stain "bleeds" through the paint, leaving it as lousy
as it was before. In addition, many ceilings of mobile homes are made with a sprayed acoustic texture that is VERY fragile. Painting it
with the help of a roller or brushing it with a latex paint is a good way to remove some of the texture, leaving a bare and untextured area.
Fortunately, stains are easy to cover if you have the right materials.

There is no point in performing the repair until you are sure that the leak is repaired and that your ceiling has completely been used! Then go to your local paint store
or the paint department of the home improvement center. and look for a spray can labeled "Ceiling Paint to Seal Stains" or something like
nearby. Two brands I know are "Kilz" and "Zinsser". It will be made to spray directly and comes only in one color.
I hope that color will be a good choice for your ceiling tiles.

While you shop, you can also buy blue duct tape. It costs more than the standard masking tape, but
comes off when you're done, leaving no adhesive behind or pulling something off when it comes off.

At home, mask the area where you plan to spray and put an old sheet or something on the floor. Then follow the instructions on the
can to do the actual spraying. Two light coats with adequate drying time between them is preferable to a thick coat.

In most cases, the color of the new area will be close enough to the old one so that no additional topcoat is needed. The fact is that
people rarely raise their eyes. With the stain really disappeared, there will be nothing to draw attention to what is probably a very subtle color difference

The repair described here will cover water stains on ceiling tiles or wall panels everywhere, not just in mobile homes.


Source by Paul Krause

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