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A mobile home refers to a prefabricated house, which is built in factory, instead of a site. He is then transferred to a place where they would be employed. These homes are usually transported by semi-trailers on public roads in sites that are usually located in rural areas or in high-density development areas. In some countries, these houses may also be used for temporary accommodation on campgrounds.

While these houses are usually placed in one location and then left there permanently, they tend to retain the ability to be moved, which can be a requirement in many areas. This type of housing can be traced back to the early years of the automobile, as well as to motorized trips on highways. It was derived from travel trailer, which is a small unit, equipped with wheels permanently attached and is often used for camping. Larger units were provided for housing needs for a number of months or more, depending on a location, which ended up being called home trailers.

As it stands, homes built on-site have rarely been relocated or resold. On the other hand, mobile home owners often negotiate or sell their home to a dealer in accordance with the reduction of the purchase of a new home. These second-hand homes were sold to new owners or were often sold to park owners who would use them as cheaper rental housing. Single faces have a greater probability of being exchanged, rather than double width, as moving sites is much easier.

The main feature of this form of housing was its mobility. The units were generally marketed to people with a lifestyle, which required mobility. However, with their beginning in the 1950s, these homes began to be sold primarily as a form of cheap housing, which was designed with the purpose of putting up as well as the ability to be left in a place for longer periods and even for permanent installation with a masonry foundation.

Many people, especially those who are not able to offer a normal house built on the spot, or who may not wish to commit to spending a huge amount of money. money for lodging. These people have begun to see these factory-built homes as a viable option for long-term housing needs. Units have often been marketed as a kind of alternative for renting apartments. However, the trend in terms of shares would depreciate rapidly depending on the resale value.


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