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If you build your home, chances are you want to combine design and functionality, a combination offered by modern architectural design. Less is really more when it comes to making a modern style statement. Here are some practical tips that will ensure that all eyes are on your home; It is better to get used to handle the compliments because they are likely to come your way.

The only thing to avoid when it comes to designing modern homes, it's an excessive ornamentation. The words of order are really unity and harmony, whether it is from the outside or from any of the rooms. Speaking of exteriors, modern home designs rely on attractive colors. The idea is to make the house welcoming. You can also use ironwork or glass to create a warm appeal. Modern iconic structures are also known for their angular and daring lines. Think about exposed structural elements, vaulted ceilings and more.

When it comes to arranging interiors, the only rule to follow is to keep the lines of movement clear. What this really means is to avoid clutter and keep the appearance minimalist. Open floor plans are an endearing feature of modern homes. Speaking of floors, hardwood floors is a hot favorite. Concrete or stone floors can also be an interesting choice. Team up with monochrome walls. This does not mean, however, that colors are better avoided. You could give free rein to your creative side by adding color strokes. By making your dining room, for example, brightly upholstered chairs can add the perfect merry appeal. In fact, it is the right combination of clean lines and comfortable accents that gives modern homes an irresistible charm. When it comes to your living room, you can opt for simple furniture with clean lines. Simple, however, does not mean that the piece has to be boring. You can give it a personality of its own by creating a comfortable reading corner with, for example, a stylish floor lamp. Monochrome patterns can also add visual interest to the design of your home. The lighting statement is yet another element that could help your room like little else.

Modern home designs have enough natural light to flood the house. Think of having large doors and floor-to-ceiling windows that make the outside appear to be an extension of your home. Having window treatments if it offers privacy when you want it, is a must have. Think of having a stone floor-to-ceiling fireplace to add heaps of charm.

Even if you are restricted by space, there is a lot to do to create an attractive modern home. All you need to do is create an illusion of space; a feat made possible by the use of light colors and items of statement that do not fill the whole room. Mirrors are another aspect that can open space like few others while acting as perfect pieces of scenery .


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