Modern bathroom design: some tips


Bathrooms are no longer just bathrooms and some principles of the modern bathroom need to be integrated with the design of a modern bathroom space. The modern design of the bathroom is characterized by clean, crisp lines, minimal decoration and abundant white color. The bathroom in today's world is not only a place to do what is usually done in a bathroom, but also an elegant room. When designing a modern bathroom, the following tips can be followed.

Tips and Tricks for a Modern Bathroom

Clean Lines

Clean lines play an important role in bathroom decor and it is important to consider the exterior shape of windows, mirrors, countertops, and so on. Generally, wavy outer lines can be excluded as they are not common in the design of modern bathrooms. A more subtle and harmonious and subtle appearance is provided using ovals. To match the lines, one can use a rectangular countertop, a rectangular or square sink, a wide horizontal mirror and add horizontal lines to the bathroom. When traveling the oval road, an oval window sill can be aligned with the bathtub, curved counter, mirror, etc., to accompany the pattern.


With color, be minimalist or opt for a minimal appearance, it is essential to choose a white color, such as bamboo, light aqua or soft color. green, wood etc to go with the white. For a large-scale bathroom, it is possible to select darker tones than blacks, purples, reds, grays, etc.

The bathroom may appear closed when using patterns. However, for a medium or large bathroom, the ceiling can be painted or a wall can be painted with interior paint patterns or tiles with patterns can be used. The addition of new patterns can give rise to a design that reflects the mid-century modern style.


Lighting plays a very important role in the design of small bathrooms because it can be used to create a well-lit place. The best options for lighting in bathrooms are white or off-white lights. For a small space, it is recommended to keep the counter clear of fixtures and to have just a small lamp. If the bathroom is large, small ceiling lights and any color can be added to the ceiling, in addition to colorful lighting to add ambiance to the bathroom. For natural light, a skylight can be used.

Less is More

The principle of modern bathroom design is that less is more, which means that a reduced number of items should be used in the decoration of the bathroom. # 39; space. For smaller bathrooms, it's a good idea to keep the counter clear of items and, if not, to have as few items as possible. The use of a bathroom light of white color, bamboo plants considered lucky and some wood carpets are good. The use of sinks in the bathroom instead of pedestal sinks is an effective alternative to create more space. Compactness, likewise, in the design elements used is important.

Uncluttered space

Clutter creates a feeling of chaos and it is advisable to have a clutter-free bathroom and under-the-counter shelves to tidy up. It is possible to have mirrors on the bathroom cabinets and in front of the sink to keep brushes, toothpaste and other accessories. The use of a very small wooden shelf just outside a very small bathroom works very well and all that is needed can be taken in the bathroom.

It is possible to have a beautifully designed and decorated bathroom using these tips and tricks.


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