Modular Prefab Homes – Yesterday and Today


It was after World War II that the prefabricated modular house really began to gain popularity. The soldiers had returned home, the country was expanding into its hinterland and families were being born. The modular prefab house was a quick and inexpensive way to provide a practical housing solution and it worked well.

The early years

However; In their early years prefabricated modular homes have earned a well-deserved reputation for being rather spartan with respect to design features. The functionality took precedence over the style and if the results were very affordable, they were rather dull.

Some stayed and some stayed

Over the years however, things started to change. While some people were eager to move from their prefabricated modular homes to bigger conventional homes, others had come to appreciate what they had to offer compared to standard homes.

The affordability, low maintenance, low energy costs, and perennial social life that exists in short prefab homes have led many to look for a larger and larger prefabricated modular home. with more amenities and amenities.

Larger and Better Equipped with Customized Features

Prefabricated modular home builders quickly responded to growing needs and, over the years, a new prefabricated home style was developed. It is larger, more spacious and contains virtually all the custom features that one can expect to see in a conventional home, including cathedral ceilings and so-called.

Walk in 3D

In addition, just like a standard custom home, today's prefabricated modular home can be easily built to the demanding design specifications of customers. In fact, the new three-dimensional computer technology allows customers to visit the home during the design process even before it is built.


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