Mom and Pop Home Improvement Verses Department Stores Box


From the earliest English settlements in Jamestown in 1607, entrepreneurs used their home improvement skills to build a better life. These specialized skills will always be needed no matter how they are used and / or distributed. From plumbing to the installation of windows, these commercial services are practiced in all areas of civilized life.

Until the end of the 19th century, most home improvement services were occupied by individuals or small businesses. It's only when stores like Lowe started appearing in the early 20th century that we started to see large entities become very competitive with small home improvement businesses. The fact is that these big companies could offer cheaper, but not necessarily better, services.

So why are big chains like Home Depot and Lowe's offering home improvement services? Why do not they just sell enhancement products? The idea behind these big hardware stores is not to provide goods to the DIYers? Well, the problem is that more and more do-it-yourselfers buy their products online. This saves time and allows the consumer to be more flexible when it comes to doing their job. These major hardware stores are trying to send a message to these consumers. They not only want these people to buy their products, but also allow them to install them at minimal cost. By doing this, it could attract consumers who need a job, but can not necessarily afford a mom and pop business. Not realizing, that these stores often do a poor job, because they use, in most cases, inexperienced staff.

The fact is that … home improvement companies are usually family run and operated. They pass on their many years of experience in their craft to their workers. They often use the best quality products and offer first rate guarantees. We do not say that supermarkets can not provide quality, we just say that your chances are better with small service providers.

As these big home improvement companies grow … will they grow? and improve their services or return to their roots and sell only goods? Chances are, these large companies will seek to improve the quality of service and offer a wider range of these services. The three largest stores, Home Depot, Lowe's Companies and Lumber Liquidators will not leave soon. Little mom and pops know it. They also know that they do it better and that the majority of the public know it.

So, before deciding who will install your replacement windows, replace your kitchen counter or repair this leaking pipe, do your research. Compare the experience, the quality of the products used, the guarantees and the most important of all … the customer service. Who will you want in your house? Someone who did the job all his life or someone from a big shop without references. The choice is yours and most likely a choice with which you will have to live for years to come.


Source by Jerry Beckett

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