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We women want to look as good as we can for as long as we can. I think it is almost a universal goal for most of us and yet with the very difficult economy that we are all trying to navigate, this makes this goal more and more difficult to achieve. For many, the days of getting bi-monthly pedicures and manicures are a thing of the past. Millions of Americans find that there is simply no money for things that are not absolute necessities.

Trying to look attractive may not be an absolute necessity, but it is very important for many people. This fact is evidenced by the amount of money (in billions) that is spent each year on beauty products and procedures. Most likely these years & # 39; the numbers will be very low because of the reduced disposable income that many have to deal with.

Maybe we can not continue to spend as much money on maintenance and enhancement of beauty as in the past, but that does not mean that we owe everything to abandon. Maybe we will just have to go in a different way. For example, many treatments for which we pay a lot of money can just as easily be given by a family member or a good friend, or sometimes we can do them ourselves. Many of us like to have a regular manicure and that is something that would not be easy to do for ourselves. We would be good at working with our dominant hand, but when the time comes to use the weaker, we would not be lucky. For this reason, it would be a good (and fun) idea to get together with a friend for the purpose of giving yourself a manicure. Beyond the end result of having hands and nails in good condition, this would also give us time to spend with a good friend, which is just as important as trying to maintain our beauty rituals.

Many of us like to be styled and styled regularly in a salon and, although it is a pleasure, it has also become a luxury that many have had to give up. Because most of us are not trained to cut hair, we will always have to find a way to get an occasional professional cut, but we can spread those visits and in the meantime we can do or we can cut it ourselves or ask a friend to help you with a small size.

With regard to hair coloring, products have become available in local pharmacies and supermarkets, making it relatively easy to do the job without the service of a professional. Many women already tend to color their own hair and some ask for help from a family member of a friend. Again, it's something that could have been a compromise with a friend. One week you can arrange coloring for a friend and next week she could do yours for you. Many times you can manage with just a root retouch that will allow you to go much longer before needing a color session.

Facials are a special treat, but they are also rather expensive, again, it's something that one can handle alone in their own home. There are wonderful products available that will provide results that you will be happy with. Even though we may be short of cash now, we can still accomplish the things that are important to us. We just need to find ingenious and inexpensive ways to achieve our goals.


Source by Nancy Kelsey Smith

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