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Through a few years of practice, doing my own makeup and other makeup, I learned so much through trial and error. I am also very passionate about makeup and have read and tested many tips given in magazines, books and on the internet to see if it works or not. So, to help make up your makeup and to save all the research I've done, I'm going to share with you some of my most valuable makeup tips that will definitely help you make your own makeup and to achieve the beautiful and impeccable results you want.

* Use a magnifying mirror to apply make-up, as this will help you get a natural, flawless application. Remember, if you can get good makeup for your makeup, it will be perfect in normal vision.

* Place your magnifying mirror horizontally and, keeping your chin parallel to the horizontal mirror, look it down when applying mascara. This little trick will help you lift and curl your eyelashes while applying your mascara and you will also be able to see and remove clumps before putting them in place.

* Always apply mascara to your eyelashes, not just below. This should be done before applying the mascara underneath (as the application on the top after you have done below will just flatten your lashes that you want to lift). Use your magnifying mirror in a vertical position, looking directly at it, when applying mascara on the top of your eyelashes.

* Apply your make-up in a room where there is a lot of natural daylight (like having your mirror in front of a window so that the light of day is facing your face while you apply your make-up). good in natural daylight, it will look good in any light!

* When choosing a foundation, ask for a sample to be able to try it in the light of day. You will not be able to get a real match with the artificial lighting that they have in the stores! Apply a strip from below your eye to your jaw (end just before going over your neck). If the band "disappears" on your skin, that is, if it is the same color or almost identical to your skin, then congratulations, you have found a perfect match!


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