My Natural Acne Treatment


I've had an acne problem for most of my life and have tried virtually all creams and ointments under the sun. The acne would disappear before coming back later and I could not keep it. You do not feel very confident when you have severe acne, I did not like going out much because I was very embarrassed. When you have an acne problem, you are also not very confident in the girls department. My face looked like a pepperoni pizza and I hated it and I knew it was time to change.

I first changed my eating habits and I stayed away from soft drinks and greasy foods that can cause acne. Surprisingly, what worked for me was drinking a lot of green tea. I am not a big tea drinker, but I was ready to try anything at this point. This alone has not cured my acne problem, I have also started drinking more water daily because the water is good for us as we know it. The simplest changes you can make will greatly affect the outside of your skin.

The changes did not happen at night, it took a while, but now my appearance is better now. Our body reacts differently to different chemicals and natural substances, so this method may not work for everyone, but it can not hurt you either. Now, I feel much more confident and I no longer fear personal contact.


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