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Acne is one of the common conditions that teens and even adults face today. Do we make pollution, food and even the environment the cause of acne? Modern science has dramatically improved to help us fight acne and can also discover the truth of these myths.

Hygiene is considered one of the most important aspects to ensure good health. One of the myths says, "Poor hygiene causes acne." which has been widely accepted in society. However, this is not the main reason for the appearance of acne that is due to "sebum". and the dead cells that are hidden under the skin and it is difficult to clean. To minimize the outbreak, a gentle wash can be done easily on a daily basis.

What kind of food that will cause acne? As we believe, chocolate, junk food and fatty foods can cause acne. How true is it? Scientific research has been done to verify this myth in which the data of the experiment are not strong enough to prove that this myth is true. However, iodine can cause an outbreak of acne and is found mostly in the seafood that we like to eat. Good health is the basis for reducing the outbreak of acne; thus, decrease the intake of the food mentioned above to ensure an acne-free face.

Typically, today 's medicine can help or worsen the problem of acne. Many people think that the application of more topical medications can aggravate acne. This myth is not true and people should not believe it but continue the prescribed medication. In some cases, ointments against acne will cause inflammation of the skin. A professional consultation is necessary to quantify the amount of medication to be taken.

It is often said that acne is common among teenagers, but what about people in their 30s? Acne can hit anyone at any age. But, acne usually disappears when a person reaches the early stage of their 20s. However, some may also have an epidemic of acne in their 30s which is not common.

As we know, acne can be seen clearly by the physical appearance of someone, but does the damage stop there? Acne patients will tell you the opposite, acne can cause emotional stress that can last a long time. It can also cause an emotional outbreak such as low self-esteem, self-centeredness, community isolation and depression.

Some of the myths are transported from generation to generation and some are created just for comfort and beliefs. Therefore, it is always a good idea to seek professional consultation for an effective acne treatment instead of believing the myths that could have made matters worse.


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