Nail Care Tips


Naked and healthy nails are the center of attraction, but they require regular attention and great care. Here are some tips to help you with this.

o Before applying nail polish, be sure to clean your nails with the help of a remover to remove all traces of oil. Always apply a base coat and a top coat. While the basecoat contributes to the preservation of color, the top layer protects the enamel. Applying a top coat every day could extend the life of your manicure and the color of your nails.

o After applying the cuticle cream to your hand, gently push the cuticles with an orange stick and never glue the cuticles.

o When applying varnish, apply two or three coats of "end". Polish. Adding a few drops of thinner to the bottle makes the polish thin. Although the first layer may appear pale, the second layer may enhance color by covering all defects. Thick layers can easily crumble. l & # 39; avoid.

o Always make sure to leave a capillary space between the nail and the cuticle, while polishing. This prevails the color of the boring and also makes the nails longer.

o If the nails begin to break, cut it off. For a quick fix, use a nail glue to crack and once it dries buff until smooth. You can then apply nail polish on top to make things look better.

o Keep your nails as short as possible. In fact, keep your nails short when you wear sunglasses and a little longer for lighter shades. Make sure to keep your hand moisturized at all times.

o Diseases can be easily spread through unhygienic manicure equipment. Make sure all equipment is clean and clean and if you are doing a manicure in the salon, check that the tools are sterilized.

Your nails may weaken or start to flake due to constant abuse caused by aggressive detergents, cleaning products, nail glue and acetone remover, and so on. An incorrect deposit of nails can also damage it. Rough cuticles are due to cuticle size, picking or bite. All of this can only be removed with the proper attention and care.


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