Naked Minerals Are All Natural Cosmetics That Make You Look Great


Unless you've lived in a cave for a few years, you've probably heard about the new and popular product in the make-up market – bare minerals. But you can not know exactly what bare minerals are, how they are used and why they are superior to traditional makeup. In this article, we will give you the scoop.

First, what are the bare mineral products? In simple terms, these are products that use natural minerals, finely powdered, to give color and consistency to your skin. Unlike traditional makeup products, bare mineral products do not contain aggressive chemical dyes. As a result, many people find that they are less irritating and more beneficial to the skin.

Mineral makeup contains all-natural ingredients, including naturally occurring rocks and semi-precious stones finely pulverized, extracts and finely ground vegetable matter, as well as natural oils such as shea butter and lemon oil. olive oil. Surprisingly, humans use natural coloring substances to naturally color their skin since time immemorial.

If you choose a mineral makeup, applying it properly may be different from what you usually do. Use the special brush provided to pick up the product in the package with a circular motion, then remove any excess by tapping on the side of the container. Apply the mineral makeup to the skin as gently as possible, in a very light layer, in the same way you can. Circular movements can help. Finally, you must use the special pad brush to polish and finish the application.

Naked minerals are radically different from ordinary make-up. The mineral makeup is completely natural, that is to say without artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, dyes or synthetic dyes. For this reason, mineral products are more concentrated than traditional makeup products, which means you can use less to get the look you want and save more money. He continues to feel light, so you forget that you wear makeup with bare minerals. It's easy and comfortable to wear.

The use of an all-natural mineral-based makeup product has several advantages over a traditional makeup containing artificial ingredients. Thanks to the natural ingredients, the bare minerals are pleasant to wear, irritating and without allergies. They are economical and easy to apply, even for people who do not have much makeup experience. They provide a long reflection and natural color.


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