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Everyone seems to be obsessed with having a beautiful, natural pale skin. Here is a guide to help you find products that can help you achieve the skin of your dreams.

Although the cliché says that black is beautiful and despite the popularity of tanning, a large majority of the population still wants a beautiful pale skin. This is the reason why the skin whitening industry continues to grow and will continue to do so in the coming years. One of the natural ways known today for getting white skin is the use of skin whitening products.

Some problems whitening skin care products

whiter skin, the whitening skin care industry continues to face many challenges. The most common synthetic whitening active ingredients today such as hydroquinone, corticosteroids and mercurous chlorides pose several health risks that outweigh all of its bleaching benefits. Hydroquinone is a potential carcinogen; steroids can cause problems ranging from weight gain to infertility and mercury – we all know how deadly it can be.

Is the beautiful pale skin hard to reach?

Despite these challenges, naturally pale, white skin can always be close at hand. You will just need to make sure that you make the right choice in whitening products. There are some whitening creams on the market today that can provide excellent results, but do not bring negative health benefits either.

Extrapone Nutgrass – The Special Bleaching Ingredient

Such a natural whitening ingredient is natural and safe to use Extrapone Nutgrass Extract (also known as Cyperus rotundus). This medicinal plant is relatively new in the bleaching industry, and is not yet available in skin care products.

Research studies have shown that Extrapone herb can inhibit melanin production up to 41%, even at only 0.5%. We all know that darkening of the skin and pigmentation is caused by the abundance of melanin on the skin. By naturally suppressing melanin production, Extrapone can gently whiten your skin. People have been reported to experience positive effects in just a few weeks of use.

Extrapone Nutgrass can be combined with other nourishing and anti-aging ingredients to form a formulation that provides more food and skin benefits. The addition of an extrapone Nutgrass to the nano-emulsion Coenzyme Q10 in a product, for example, will not only provide bleaching but can also reduce wrinkles and improve firmness. Such formulations can help target more skin problems and meet other aspects of your skin's needs.

Skin whitening creams face many controversies because of hazardous ingredients to use. However, this does not mean that you can not have the beautiful pale natural skin of your dreams. Make sure to find a skin whitening product that contains safe ingredients with no side effects and clinically proven to lighten the skin. It would also be great to have antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients so that you become not only whiter, but also younger.


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