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Why the average woman spends so much on creams and lotions beats logic. Millions of dollars will be sent around the world on beauty products in an effort to stop the inevitable … the loss of beauty that comes with aging. There are those who will go to the extreme of cosmetic surgery, liposuctions and injections to stop looking aged.

Okay, beauty is not just the whims of women, she also has a lot to do with her self esteem and confidence. But the above is not required. Women can take care of themselves by incorporating tips and ideas of natural beauty into their daily lives.

5 Natural Beauty Tips for a Healthy Body:

Drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day helps remove toxins from the body that damage the skin and hair.

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables gives the body the vitamins and minerals needed to rejuvenate skin and hair. Carrots, oranges, apples and cucumbers are perfect for hair, skin and nails.

A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids (fish) helps to condition the body.

Regular exercise helps keep the body in shape and metabolism high, which is great for the body. A regular 30 minute walk can do wonders for your health. The exercise makes you feel young and look young.

Regularity is important. Doing exercise twice a week, or drinking 10 glasses of water whenever you want, will not help you.

5 natural beauty tips for a beauty regimen

Do you have oily skin? Wash your face with ice water before and after rubbing a slice of tomato on your face.

Get rid of artificial bleaching agents. Naturally bleach your face by rubbing a slice of lemon or potato on your face every other day. Avoid lemon if your skin is dry.

For dry skin, use milk cream to scrub your face, hands, or legs. The cream acts as a natural moisturizer.

Wash your face regularly with gram flour. Gram flour removes dirt and acts as a natural scrub. For dry skin, use cream with white flour to scrub the dirt. Finish with a gram flour scrub.

Soapnut works as a natural shampoo for your hair, leaving it smooth and conditioned. Use drops of lemon or curd to get rid of dandruff; beer to shine.

Stress in personal and professional life, lack of sleep, good nutrition, and exercise are some of the reasons why the body can deteriorate before the time. Wearing makeup, as most women have done today, is not enough to mask wrinkles, dark circles and wrinkles on the face.

Natural beauty tips, like those mentioned above, help women lead healthy lives. When the body is healthy and calm minded, it shows on the face. Women must understand that natural beauty does not come from a flawless complexion or perfect features. It comes from the inside; a happy soul and a smiling face filled with warmth and laughter.

In the end, aging is a natural process. No amount of cream or gels, injections or liposuction anti-wrinkle or anti-wrinkle can stop the inevitable designed by Mother Nature. Women who accept this will live happier.


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