Natural Beauty Tips to Keep You Healthy


Pharmacies and department stores offer countless lotions and potions to enhance our beauty, and many are wonderfully effective. However, everything that makes us beautiful does not come from a store! Here are some natural beauty tips to keep you healthy and shiny.

Why do we resist sleep so much? Sleep is an essential part of our life and we treat it as a disadvantage! A good night's rest gives our skin life, the clarity of our eyes and banishes dark circles. And what happens when we are tired? We drink liters of coffee! Caffeine is a diuretic, which means that it sucks water from our cells. Our skin seems flaccid and wan. Stay hydrated! We have all heard that "eight to ten" glasses a day is a myth, but personally, I feel much better when I drink a lot of water and can see the difference in my skin. At the very least, it helps you stay full and not drink other drinks that may be unnecessarily high in calories.

Has your mother ever washed her hair with beer? It was a beauty board of the seventies supposed to give bouncy and full body hair. I guess it would not hurt me to try it, but I'm not sure to like that my head can smell a brewery all day long. Apple cider vinegar is an alternative perhaps less fragrant! Dilute a few tablespoons in water and rinse your hair with the mixture after shampooing for extra-clean, shiny hair. He also works to eliminate the accumulation of conditioning and styling products. Do not do it too often, once a week should give you the results you are looking for.

Here's a tip of natural beauty: if your nails and nails have a yellowish tinge of months and months of nail polish application, dip them in lemon juice. This will remove that icky looking hue. It's a good idea to leave your nails alone and unpolished from time to time. Leaving the chemicals and acetone for a while will allow your nails to grow and strengthen between polishing.

We must also remember that what you put in your body is reflected on the outside. You always need a balanced diet, dark leafy greens and fruits – all contain compounds that nourish the skin, hair and nails. Some healthy fats are essential as well. Dieting that is too fat-free leaves hair and nails brittle and skin dull and dry. So many creams and lotions for the skin contain vitamins and food extracts, but we must remember that putting these things directly into our bodies is also very important to keep us beautiful.

Perhaps the most important of all natural beauty tips is: are only as beautiful as you feel. It sounds cliche but it's just the truth. Trust can not be bought, can not be bottled and can not be feigned. Nothing is more attractive. When you feel beautiful, you are there. Let your inner light shine and you will always shine.


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