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The natural beauty is to feel good inside to be well on the outside. It's about taking care of your whole being, and that means eating healthy and exercising while taking care of your skin and hair. It is not a question of putting layers of make-up or being liberal with the hairspray, but to take care of oneself so that you are beautiful without artificial embellishment. Of course, you can enhance the effect with makeup, but that's what naturally makes the difference.

The outside of your body is like a barometer. If you are happy and relaxed, it shows, as if you are sad, tired or depressed, have eaten bad, drunk too much or not enough exercise. So your lifestyle is the thing to work on first. Then you should take care of your outdoors by cleansing your body and moisturizing, nourishing, and if necessary, exfoliating your skin.

Making your own or at least some of your own, beauty care is just a part of this general care. Experimenting with lotions and potions is also very rewarding and fun. You could save a little money. You will definitely know where your face, your hair and your body preparations come from and what they contain.

I knew that no one today will be able to follow every beauty routine that is there every day; there would be no time to do anything else. Use the treatments when you feel like pampering yourself or when you feel that some of you need special treatments and that you are gradually absorbing the general health and diet tips. Set aside some days where you can experiment with things like creams and lotions. Get to know the quick and easy treatments that can be worked on in your daily routine. Keep some things like sunscreen in the back of your mind at all times. Sneak into the face or hand exercises whenever you have a moment. If you care more about yourself, what you feel and what you need, I think I will have succeeded.


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