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Just a question for you, "why is your skin still prone to acne?" … I bet you do not have a good answer for me. Do not tell me it's a family skin problem, you're the problem! You may have tried different moisturizers for the face and still no good result. You are tired of trying them. Well, I understand that feeling, I'm in this situation.

I had a pronounced acne skin, quite oily, I had used to say that it was a family skin problem. I started looking for solutions to my problem. Read different articles, reports, online research, different stories, different ideas, conflicting eyes, etc. I realized the importance of checking the ingredients of the products before buying them. Some of these ingredients may not be good for the skin (it depends on your skin type). They can cause more harm than good, some do not even make a difference on your skin.

Then I came across natural oils as a replacement for regular commercial moisturizers. I was really skeptical about natural oils. Anything that was not done for oily skin made my face terrifying once I started treatment, and thinking about intentionally rubbing oil on my skin was horribly like a horrible idea

As my skin was really dull and wrinkles became stronger because of the dryness around my eyes, I was just thinking about giving a shot, it could not be worse than I already looked at it.

And you know what? THIS IS BETTER!

Here's what I've done and what you need to do to moisturize and cleanse the face:

  • Wash your face with soap in pure olive oil, without any additives
  • If you need a peel, take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with a dough with a little water. Rub it lightly on your face, then rinse it carefully
  • to moisturize your skin, use organic sesame seed oil, massage a few drops into the skin, then add a few drops of oil of organic jojoba and massage it over (in the morning, use filtered jojoba oil as it is lighter and, at night, use thick, golden jojoba oil for moisturizing benefits)

A healthy glow, there should be no more problems with acne or clogged pores. The trick is that the oils you massage into the skin keep your skin from overproducing sebum. Sesame seed oil is an excellent carrier for jojoba oil and helps to penetrate deeper into the skin. Jojoba oil is especially good for the skin because it looks a lot like the sebum produced by your skin. Sesame seed oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that seem to work well with occasional pimples. At least I did not have any problems using this oil.

You do not need a lot of these oils, making it a lot cheaper than buying those creams loaded with chemicals, too expensive. Other people with different skin types use other oils on their skin, some use castor oil, almond … the possibilities are endless, and I think that you just need to find something that your skin will love!


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