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Shortly after someone had had the idea of ​​a robot, people wanted him to understand human speech. It was a dream that could only be found in the pages of science fiction and new books, or observed in movies. Known as Natural Language Processing (NLP), the concept of a computer including human speech and text is now here.

This is not an easy task to achieve. First, there is the problem of the word of the man in a concise way for a machine to understand. Secondly, the problem of words that sound the same, but have different meanings like weigh and go, weight and wait, and so on.

How Automatic Language Processing Works Highly on Big Data, large amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data can be retrieved for information. Computers can quickly scan data, analyze it, and find patterns or trends. Originally, NLP was based on ground rules that machines using algorithms were informed about words and phrases to look for in the text, and then taught specific answers when sentences appeared. It has evolved into an in-depth learning, a flexible and more instinctive method in which algorithms are used to teach a machine to identify a speaker's intention from a series of tests. ; examples.

However, with the improvement of deep learning and artificial intelligence, algorithms can now be interpreted successfully.

If you own Amazon Echo or Google Home, you interact with artificial intelligence and NLP. In addition, it is already used in all kinds of commercial applications, including manufacturing, business analysis, customer relationship, human resources, and healthcare.

Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence will Influence Five Areas of Health Care.

  • Administrative and Clinical Data Assistants
  • Search and Retrieval
  • Market Analysis
  • Real Time Translation Services

In customer service, the use of NLP can help determine the attitude of customers for future sales. Customer surveys will not be necessary. Instead, mining systems will offer more in-depth information about a customer's feelings.

NLP will assist human resources departments in recruiting job seekers, facilitate the selection of resumes, attract more specific candidates, and hire skilled workers. NLP in spam detection will prevent unwanted emails from the inbox of a frame. It can also be used to "read" tweets and determine whether they are good or bad for a business in order to address customer concerns.

NLP and Social Well

Prevent School Shootings. For example, researchers at Columbia University treated 2 million tweets published by 9,000 at-risk youth to determine how language changes as a teen gets closer to violence.

As technology develops, further progress can be made.


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