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Skin disorders are common in all areas of health care. Skin disorders account for up to 10% of all ambulatory consultations in this country.

Because the skin reflects the general condition of the patient, many systemic conditions may be accompanied by dermatological manifestations.

The psychological stress of illness or various personal and family problems is frequently presented as dermatological problems.

Proper Skin Care

Some skin problems are markedly aggravated by water and soap, and bathing habits are changed depending on the condition.

Bare skin, whether large or small, is excessively prone to damage by chemicals and injuries.

The friction of a towel, if applied vigorously, is sufficient to produce a sharp inflammatory response that flares up and spreads any existing lesion.

Since the essence of skin care and protection for the bath of a patient with skin problems is as follows: one uses a mild soap or a soap substitute without lipid ; the area is completely rinsed and dried with a soft cloth; and deodorant soaps are avoided.

The key here is to be as natural as possible by treating and taking care of one's skin.

Here are some other tips regarding natural skin care.

Moisturize Carefully

Nothing takes the moisture and smoothness of skin faster than dry winter indoor heating and chilled and chapped winds. Even if you pamper and protect your skin all year round, you need a little attention when temperatures begin to drop.

When the level of humidity in the air decreases, the dry air tries to rehydrate by borrowing moisture from your skin. When this happens, the natural protective barrier of your body, consisting of water, oils and a protein called keratin, can dehydrate to the point where your skin stiffens, wrinkles, becomes split and itchy.

Therefore, if dry skin is your problem, Mother Nature is definitely part of the problem, but it can also be part of the solution. Try some of nature's natural remedies for skin problems and get positive results.

1. Aloe vera has been known as one of the best skin lollipops and has been a hot topic since the days of ancient Egypt where the pharaohs used it to help them appear from their best.

The gel is excellent for treating all kinds of skin problems and keeps them from getting worse and worse. It can also speed up the healing process of itching and skin irritation.

2. Avocado Oil

Of course, avocados are great on a salad, but did you know that avocado oil has superior powers when it comes to slow down the attacks of dermatitis and eczema, which can be aggravated by dry weather?

Apply directly to all irritating, red or irritated areas.

Oily Skin – For This Drier Look

Rub! Washing often with plenty of soap and water can remove the oil. It's as simple as that. But the question is: what kind of soap should you use?

Skin experts say it's best to look for one with more detergent and less fat. The heavier the fat, the more you want to avoid it.

Find soaps that are formulated for oily skin or acne-pronone.

Exercise Regularly

This healthy glow that you get in your cheeks when you do exercise means that the blood is flowing through your skin. The result is a denser, thicker and more elastic skin that resists wrinkling.

According to some skin experts, the actual facial exercises are probably the production of wrinkles. A good overall exercise program, on the other hand, helps your skin and can even reduce puffiness under the eyes by reducing the fat cells around the area.

But while you exercise, remember not to dehydrate yourself. When your cells lose water, they lose strength even after replacing the water.

Exfoliate to rejuvenate – but not too much

Do you know that human skin shreds about 5 billion dead skin cells? These dead cells appearing on your skin make the complexion look dull by blocking pores and preventing the appearance of new skin.

Cleansing them reveals radiant and radiant skin through the process of rejuvenation. Does your beauty recipe do that on your skin?

For a natural way of caring for the skin, drop the loofah. If you are tempted to try a loofah to get rid of dry skin, it is best not to do it.

Although gentle exfoliation is good, it is too easy to be transported and remove healthy cells in the process. And too much exfoliation can actually encourage drying. Even a washcloth can be too hard.

For washing, your hands are the best equipment you can use.

Taking care of the skin in a natural way can not only be beneficial to the skin, but can also bring long-term benefits. These tips are worth trying as they improve the condition of your skin in the most natural way.


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