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Magazine and TV advertising focuses almost exclusively on beauty products that contain synthetic chemicals, some of which may cause health problems later in life, or even earlier if you are unhappy. Some advertisements, of course, favor surgery as a way to "improve," sometimes with disastrous results for the patient. Surely, there are natural ways to maintain your already existing natural beauty; and maybe even provide anti-aging protection at the same time?

Here are some natural beauty tips that you may not have considered, or that you've never taken seriously before, for which you do not need to visit a store and open your wallet:

The water, your number one ally of beauty

Even the least scientific of us probably know that the human body is composed of a large part of the water; and that includes your skin. Common sense tells us then that we have to drink a lot of water.

Did you also know that if the body has an internal or external problem, it needs extra water to repair the damage? It is water, not juice or water contaminated with caffeine, sugar or any other substance. Even a beautiful sick woman becomes less beautiful; If her skin starts to be damaged, she looks at her beauty weakens. Water is essential to the necessary repair and your overall health.

Very few people drink enough water, and one doctor at least argues that chronic dehydration is at the root of many medical problems, including ulcers, cancers, and heart "diseases" . Take a look at to find out more.

2. Work on your inner peace and happiness

People who worry too much about their appearance often contribute to the problem, if there is indeed a problem. Being unhappy and uncomfortable can make you look tense and older. Millions automatically reach one of the magic chemical potions that they see on television, or turn to the yellow pages to book a facelift. Instead, the starting point might be to improve the way you feel from the inside. This will reflect on the outside over time. The eyes of an unhappy person lose their luster and their beauty can be destroyed.

3. Sleep, the natural healer

The human body is in a state of constant renewal, both inside and out. This renewal, and the repair, continues 24 hours a day, but while you are asleep, there are no distractions of activity, and no grueling demands. Your immune system is able to work safely while you sleep, allowing you to stay fit. If you are at the top of health, your natural beauty lasts longer. You really need your beauty sleep; It's one of the wisest and most accurate lyrics of all time. People's needs vary, but uninterrupted sleep of 7 or 8 hours is probably what you need for good health.

There are, of course, many more things you can do to preserve and prolong your natural beauty, but the three above should be at the heart of your beauty care all the time.


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