Negative form


Have you ever seen a logo that does not look right? The colors and the font are good, the icon is exactly what you were looking for and the shading and overall shape are perfect, but it still seems like something is wrong? Ever thought that the problem could be the negative space around the logo?

Negative space is the space that surrounds a visual object. When you look at a chair,
the negative space is the rectangular and triangular shapes between the legs and the armrests
of the chair. With a logo, the concept is the same. The empty space around the
words and icons in a logo can make the picture funny if the spaces are too big
Egypt small.

Consider the famous golden bows of McDonald's. Imagine how strange the arches would seem
if the two ball-shaped spaces under the arches become triangles. Or
and if one bullet was bigger than the other? The negative form is an important design element
but you do not need to be a design expert to know how the negative form works

All you need to know about negative space, that is, if you are visually
attractive, the negative space is probably fine. However, if the individual elements of a logo
look good, but that the whole package does not quite fit, maybe a few modifications
of negative space between letters or forms will do the trick.


Source by Jonathan Munk

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