Never Hire Your Friends – Home Repair Nightmares


When I say never hiring your friends, I would like to clarify something first. If you like your friendship with these people, you may never want to hire them. You could end up with more problems than you ever imagined.

I have known too many people who have hired their friends for a type of home repair or even worse, a home improvement project, only to discover that their friendship was not enough to make through the nightmare .

Imagine for a moment that you are hiring your best son friends to do plumbing at your home, because they are licensed plumbers and have been working in the plumbing industry for over 20 years. You know these people personally and you've only heard good things about them, so why would not you hire them?

Forgive me for a moment, the plumbing contractor, who is the son of your best friend, just gave you an estimate of $ 14,000 to redevelop your home. You can not believe your eyes, your neighbor just has his own house for $ 4,500. You tell your best friend that you are not interested in using it and that there is no grudge, but the reality is you can not believe what comes from happen.

You hire the other contractor and there are no problems, but you still wonder why your best friend's son has tried to gouge you. If you are the kind of person who lets every little thing bother, make sure you never think about hiring one of your friends, but if you are the type of person who understands that a contractor is charging more than just one. money than another contractor, you could probably work with one of your friends.

If I were to give advice to someone, who was seriously thinking of hiring one of his friends, it would simply treat them like professionals and pretend that they are not your friends, whereas They are re working on your house. I do not want you to ignore these people or mistreat them, just treat them like any other home repair contractor.

The worst thing you can do is tell your friends how much money you paid them over and over again until they were fed up to come to your place. Once, I knew a guy who went out and bought a brand new boat after working on one of the apartment complexes that I was rearranging. Some project managers continued to refer to his boat as their boat, because they sincerely believe that they paid too much for installing roof drains.

It is sometimes better to keep your friendship separate from business.


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