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What is the process of designing a new home? What are the steps in the competition of a new design of the house? The answers to these questions vary from job to job, but usually include some of the same elements. The first step in contemplating a new home design is to interview and select a design firm. There are many choices and many different prices to choose from when selecting a design team to complement your new home design. Ask about their experience, ask for references, ask if they have designed houses similar to what you are looking for. In addition, ask exactly what you will receive for the fees you pay.

After interviewing and selecting a design firm, the first step will be to establish your site plan. This shows how your house or building will be located on your land / plot. Then the designer will help you decide on your floor plan. The floor plan includes the locations of all rooms, garages, porches, patios and more with notes and dimensions. Once your floor plans are complete, you will move on to the elevations of the design. It's there that an experienced design team will help you decide exactly what you want your home or building to look like on all four sides. These elevations describe the choices of exterior materials, such as brick, stone or stucco, architectural details, and generally highlight the exterior features of the home. These pages will show whenever the style is French, Mediterranean, Traditional, Tuscan, Victorian, English or another architectural style.

Once the floor plans and elevations are complete, it is time to finish the plan. A finished plan will include electrical details, a roof plan, in some cases a plan of framing, and also, if necessary, sections. The sections are sections that show different areas of the house from different angles, as if you are looking at a slice of that part of the house. Finally, you will receive several pages of general construction notes. These rating pages are intended to guide your builder in many areas of construction. These rating pages are critical and special attention should be given to these pages as they will help immensely during the build process. Services such as space planning, spatial planning, interior elevations, art rendering and many others are usually offered by experienced design firms. Think carefully before choosing your design company, make sure that they are able to deliver what you expect in a new architectural design, and a happy building!

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