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Set the standards of your front door

First impression is the best impression, Create a door that gives a warm welcome to your guests. Doors can have a big impact on visitors; Set the standards of your front door as a primary goal for strangers to fall in love with your home before you even visit it.

Make Your Entry With Mirror

Your living room is the first thing people see next to the front door – Decorating it is a very important task to give your home an elegant look. Invite people with an entrance mirror that gives a unique feel to your guests. It not only adds elegance, but also brings a sufficient reflection of the light in the house.

Sofa in the living room speaks a lot

If you have already checked a hotel or restaurant, you can observe that the sofa and chairs are placed in U 'or' H & # 39; forms. It's to make people face to face to invite conversations. Likewise, you must place your sofa and chairs face to face. Some people place a sofa in the corner of the room to enlarge the room, but in fact it only makes your room bigger and gives you a feeling of emptiness. Remember, your living room is a conversation space.

White furniture gives the impression that the room is larger

If you feel that your room is compact and that it looks bigger, prefer white furniture. White furniture has the power to make any room larger than it actually is. This simple step can make big changes in your rooms.

Gallery Wall, inexpensive but a very expensive look

No matter what your room is, small accessories can give you a totally different and incredible feeling. The wall of the gallery is such a thing. Gather all your favorite photos or arts and fix them to the walls. It is suggested to prefer black, white and brown frames to add a touch of elegance. Forget the formal photo grid at the old.

Prefer contrast styles

You have to mix and decorate your home to look great. Mix expensive and inexpensive things and decorate your home. Never shop in one store, go explore all the stores and find the best to match the one selected. Mixing and matching are important formulas to make the best look. But it is important to put a cap on the number of contrast styles to avoid the feeling of clutter.

Say "No" to the same look

It's pretty important to say goodbye to the boring old look. Change your house appearance as often as you change your own style to be unique. Never be satisfied with a look because change is always good to have.

Adding greenery to all rooms

Plants are the least expensive but can be used as the best accessories to decorate your home. Plants add life and color to every room. Not only for the beautiful look, but it also helps to keep the room clean.

The curtains make a room

Yes, the curtains make a room but that only happens when the good ones are chosen. Choose your curtains according to the murals and furniture in the room. Use long curtains if you have lower ceilings to make them look bigger.

Painting is the most important in home decorations

Painting is the key factor that gives the impression that your home is impressive. So, it should be chosen carefully. Select the colors that go well with the material and furniture you have. Prefer softer and lighter colors in smaller rooms to make it look bigger than they are. Select saturated colors in dark or dark rooms to achieve the look.


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