New interior design of the house – plan in advance


By not planning properly in advance for your new interior design, you may feel too overwhelmed by other work to plan your appearance. In addition, by the time all your weddings are moved into the new home, planning for the new interior design of the house will be almost impossible with all the clutter shuffling.

Getting Started

When planning your new interior design, start by spending time in your new home and taking a good look. Keep in mind that it is much easier to plan a new interior design when the house is empty and empty. Visit your new home at least twice before starting to make plans for your interior design.

Make sure you visit at least once in the morning to see how light plays in the rooms early in the morning. Then, visit again in the afternoons to see how the rooms feel and feel in the light of the afternoon. Remember that your new interior design will work best if it is designed to harmonize with the light in order to get that warm, sunny and warm feeling.

When visiting your new home, bring with you a sketchbook and a pencil. It does not matter if you can not paint or draw. What is really important here is that you write down all the important parts of the house and take the time to plan what you will do with it. For example, you will want to get the size and shape of the show.

You will take steps for curtains and window coverings. And if you are planning to buy new furniture, you must select pieces that will not look too big for space and will not give the impression of being crowded . Noting the exact size and shape of the room and interior decoration you will be able to determine the types of furniture and accessories needed to make this room look like yours , containing your own special touch.


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