Nomination Charm Bracelets – Where it All Began


A small town on the outskirts of Florence in idyllic Tuscany is the unofficial birthplace of one of the most prized jewelry brands on the planet.

The efforts of the ice cream Paulo Gensini and his three brothers entrepreneurs have helped to create a successful global product that is now the darling of fashionistas around the world.

What evolved from an ice cream parlor in the early eighties is today the jewelry line of choice for Hollywood celebrities, Bollywood and among super-women sporting when they do not play.

In the late 1970s, the name of Gensini was notorious in the family's hometown for its small popular cafe serving coffee and groceries to the local community.

Meanwhile, the old mechanic worker Paulo was made a name as a creator of frozen desserts to bring back customers.

The ice cream, and a range of new flavors that it introduced, became synonymous with Gensini's name around Florence.

The family's involvement in the jewelery industry began in 1983, when the brothers created G4, a company that allowed Paulo to marry his skills acquired through his creative experience of metal.

Four years later came the flash of inspiration that brought Italian jewelry makers to the forefront of the international arena.

Just as Paolo had fashioned his ice cream cuts to satisfy the tastes of his customers, he decided to make quality jewelry that could be customized according to consumer preferences.

That's how Nomination was born – a charm bracelet that gives people the ability to make their own creations in a much more stylish style than the more rustic DIY bracelets available before.

Paulo's creation was spotted by the Danish distribution company Lottie Firenze during a visit to Florence and the branding Appointment has since spread around the world.

Today, Paulo continues to influence the new creations of the family business, although his son Antonio runs the company, along with another of his sons on the board of directors. ;administration.

Nomination's latest successes include his latest composable bracelets, the St Tropez, Capri and Cubiamo leather lines.

Sectional bracelets, which are now available in more than 30 different countries and at online retailers, are made from stainless steel, diamond and other precious stones, 18K gold and enamel links.

The seemingly infinite range of available charms includes letters, whole words, zodiac signs, hearts, flags and flowers, fruits and birthstones.

Bracelets have become popular as a way to mark the passes of life, to express an interest in a sport or hobby and, according to its creators, to display the personal mystique of 39, a user.

Nomination is now the world's largest manufacturer of Italian charm bracelets and is a global style statement for international actors, singers, rock stars and rap artists.

It seems that the Gensini have come a long way since the time of family coffee, serving sweet delicacies to passers-by.


Source by Kristian Headland

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