Non-traditional Christmas meal ideas for a change this year!


Are you one of those families who like to go up a notch and try new and inventive ideas for the holidays? No stinky turkey and mashed potatoes for you? No problem! There is no rules book for the holidays. While traditions are widely practiced, especially during the holidays, but these are unwritten rules and there is no reason why you should follow these rules during the holiday season. Spice up a bit and prepare a meal that will please your guests, even if it is not the traditional festive menu that people are used to. In fact, you can make a new tradition and have a different international flair every holiday. Bring a menu from all over the world during the holidays. These Christmas meal ideas will definitely be an element of conversation that will allow your guests to talk and wonder what nationality they will be celebrating this season!

Spice up your Christmas dinner with a Mexican party! There are so many different things you can do to create a delicious holiday meal using Mexican recipes and many of these dishes that you can prepare in advance, which will give you more time to sit down and visit your guests. vacation more! Prepare a few lots of enchiladas prepared in different ways, perhaps cheese enchiladas with red sauce and chicken enchiladas with a creamy sauce. Do not forget to add the delicious side dishes such as Spanish rice, fried beans, nacho chips, guacamole and salsa. For dessert, prepare a tasty custard to complete your Mexican holiday party! The following year, instead of a Mexican meal, why not opt ​​for the Italian route and prepare delicious pasta dishes. A large bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and a lasagna or cannelloni baking dish can be prepared for a large gathering of people. Add a little fresh garlic bread and a Caesar salad and you get a quick, easy and delicious Italian menu that will be delicious at Christmas.

You do not have to use traditional Christmas meal ideas to make your menu and gathering warm and inviting. All you need is family and good friends, lots of laughs and a delicious meal to make memorable any holiday gathering.


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